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Bike Trip to Sangramgad and Samadhi Sambhaji Maharaj in Tulapur

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sangramgad aka Sangram Durga aka Chakan Fort are located at Chakan village near Pune. We traveled by the Talegaon Chakan Road, crossed the SH50 and then onto the Chakan Shikrapur Road to reach the fort. Shree Chakreshwar Mandir is built in the fort premises. 
Concrete road that divided Sangramgad in two
After visiting Indurigad and Bhandara Dongar  we headed over to Sangram Durga.  
Cannon at Sangramgad
We asked a couple of people for directions, sadly most of the times we were given wrong directions, due to which we spent almost an hour searching for the whereabouts of this fort.
Sangramgad fort walls, both new and old construction
Finally thanks to a fruit vendor, we were on the right track which leads to the fort. The fort is called Chakan Fort by the locals, though not all know about it. 
Wildnerness at Sangramgad
Shree Chakreshwar Mandir is located in the fort premises, a huge entrance is built with the name of the temple atop it, on the road. If you miss it, you will be asking for directions again. 
Entrance to Sangramgad and Shree Chakeshwar Mandir
This fort is square in shape and has a concrete road running through it. One side of the road is located the Temple and Masjid and the other is just wilderness and the broken wall of the fort.
Outlet in fort walls to shoot at the enemy
The fort walls near the Temple and Masjid have been redone. 
Walking on the newly constructed fort walls of Sangramgad
The Temple and Masjid are active and services are held there.
Fort Walls
The concrete road cuts through the fort. We walked to the other end to see the Main Darwaza or entrance of the fort. There is no Darwaza now, but once upon a time it used to be there.
Fortification of Sangramgad
After seeing the fortification of the fort, I did come to the conclusion, that there would have been water surrounding the fort and a moat was used to enter and exit the fort. Interesting na. Similar to Daulatabad Fort near Aurangabad.
Fortification of Sangramgad
We climbed up the walls of the fort and walked on them to get a better view of the surrounding and the inside of the fort. The fort is surrounded by three storey residential building. On the inside it houses the Temple and the Masjid and a small house like structure on the this side of the road and wilderness on the other.
Residential buildings around the fort
We then stood near the flag hoisted on the fort premises to snap some photos of us. 
That's Massey next to the orange flag atop Sangramgad Fort
What we also noticed on the walls is a five hole slot, meant for firing at the enemy from the fort walls. Something similar to what I had seen at Vijaydurg fort. 

There is a cannon placed on wooden wheels in the centre of the fort premises. Though the cannon  doesn't match the wheels but they both are authentic.
Fortification of Sangramgad
The time was almost 2 PM on my watch now.  We exited the fort and stopped by to refresh ourselves with some Gola. Then we headed over the Pune Nashik State Highway.
Fortification of Sangramgad Fort
We were now asking people for directions to take us to Tulapur. 
Bullet next to the cannon
We bumped into the Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi. The ghats of this place we were similar to that of Ban Ganga in Mumbai and the Ghats on Krishna River at Wai. Only difference is that the ghat was colorful, reason being the structure around it was painted yellow. Again it was flocked by devotees. We didn't enter the premises as we could see it from the road next to it. 
Ghats near Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi
We stood on the bridge and clicked snaps of the Ghat on one side of the bridge and the Dam on the other. The ghats receive it's share of water from the dam. The water which flows to the dam is covered with green plants.
Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
There is also a tall conical structure built near the bridge, as it is still in the pipeline there was scaffolding around it. 

Again saw people bathing, washing clothes in the water. 
Ghat at Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
We again asked people for instructions to Tulapur. Luckily our prayers were answered. A man guided us with directions and we followed it. Though we did ask people on the way so that we don't travel on the wrong road. 
Dam on the other side of the Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
We traveled by the Chakan Alandi Road , then the Alandi Market Road, crossed Markal and finally to reach Tulapur. 
Structure built  in Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
Had lunch in the form of Gauti Chicken Fry and Gauti Chicken Biryani and a couple of Tuborg to beat the summer heat. 
Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
Please ask people for the Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj, and they will guide you correctly. Just that there are no signboards on the way and small detour roads add to the confusion.

We then parked our bike outside the Samadhi premises and visited the Samadhi. 
Entrance to the Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj
The Sangameshwar Temple is located within the Samadhi premises. We didn't visit the temple premises, as it has packed with people and there was a preacher preaching the masses, and we didn't want to disturb them. 
Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj
We visited the Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj and two others in its premises. 
Sambhaji Maharaj
We then walked down to the banks of the Bhima River.  Just stared in the water and the surrounding around. The water was quiet, all that we could hear was the sound of the chirping of the birds and the preacher preaching which echoed.

Manohar that is a nice place to camp on the banks of the River. Though we did see some construction vehicles there, maybe they were building a road there.

Finally we were pleased that we were able to complete our itineary, we then headed over to Pune to Kayani bakery to buy some Shrewbury biscuits. 
But due to heavy traffic jam in Pune and the time being 8 PM on our watch, we decided to call it a night and stay at a local motel in Khadki in Pune.
River BHima
The next day we kickstarted our journey to Mumbai at 8:15 AM, took a couple of breaks at Lonavala and Panvel finally to reach Andheri at 12:20 PM. Four hour's and we are back home.
River Bhima
Manohar we can go camping here
But as this was a complete bike trip it had taken it's toll on my back and quads. They had grown numb.
Ghats near River Bhima
Peole Photography
But I still enjoyed the trip. Massey many more trips to come. 


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