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Vandri lake and dam in Maharashtra

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Vandri lake is located very near to Mumbai in Maharashtra. The directions to it are tagged on google maps. Not sure if public transport is available to reach it, we traveled by Manohar's car.

Sunrise at Vandri Lake

 It took us around 40 minutes to reach the lake premises. 40 minutes from Vasai Phata. We left early in the morning as we wanted to reach there before sunrise. The roads near the lake premises are narrow and winding so drive safely there. 

Vandri lake video :

Finally we were at the banks of the lake. The sun had just risen from behind the hills. The view was just amazing. the rays of the sun on the clouds formed an amazing pattern in the skies, the reflection of the sun on the glittering lake waters was nice too. The hills ranges in distance we created a nice picture.

Manohar put his hand in the water and it was not cold at all. We could see steam in a distance not sure the reason for the same. The locals around didn't know the cause of it either.
Fathima, Me and Manohar at Vandri lake
The men from the village would come there, to brush their teeth and finally have a swim or should I say a bath in the waters before they head for their daily chores.

The women would sit at the banks of the lake and wash the clothes. No wonder the the white clothes worn by the villagers are so white. LOL.
Villager swimming in the waters of Vandri Lake
The quite lake, the sound of the birds was soothing to my ears. Though we sat there just staring at the rising sun, we felt so relaxed and stress free. Though we are so close to the city of Mumbai, it felt like we were somewhere in the wilderness.

The villagers had instructed us not to visit the dam, so didn't go. Also there is a board at the entrance of the dam stating "No Trespassing."
The huge tree near Vandri lake

We sat there for sometime and then headed to our car. We then noticed a huge tree. Maybe 2 to 3 stories high with a 360 degree leave cover all around. Something we rarely see in Mumbai. We then headed to the tree trunk. The green cover was dense. It would provide good shade and breeze in the hot summers.

There are no hotels around this location, so do carry food and water and please keep the lake and dam premises clean. 

We then headed back home after enjoying the early morning sunrise. 


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