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Dahanu Beach in Dahanu in Maharashtra

Friday, November 2, 2018

Dahanu Beach is located in Dahanu in Palghar district in Maharashtra. 
Dusk at Dahanu Beach in Dahanu in Maharashtra

If you wish to drive down then instructions for the same are available on google maps. Public transport is available from Dahanu railway station. There are plenty of places dine and stay near the beach premises. Rents may vary depending as to how far or close you are from the beach premises. 

Dahanu Fort is located very close to Dahanu Beach.

By the time we reached the beach premises the sun had already set, but the skyline was beautiful. We enjoyed the view sitting there till the mosquitoes came around and started to buzz us off. There are plenty of fast food stalls at the beach, there are also camel rides available at the beach premises. 

As the tide was low, children were playing football on the beach. The health conscious were on their evening walks on the beach. 

Dawn at Dahanu Beach in Dahanu in Maharashtra
It is very relaxing on the beach, no matter how tired you are. The sea somehow calms one down. We stayed at a friends place and then headed to the beach the next morning. Again the tide was low. We felt calm and relaxed on the beach.

We then headed back home.


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