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Jawahar - Dabhosa Waterfall

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

After visiting Sunset Point we headed to Shivneri Garden Dhaba on the outskirts of Jawahar City to have our lunch.

There are very few hotels here. We had Egg Bhurji, Veg Kolhapuri and Roti for lunch. The taste differs but when you are hungry, the taste doesn't matter.

We inquired with the hotel manager in regards to directions to Dabhosa Waterfall and Bhupatgad Fort. He informed us that both places are far from each other and than we could do only one of them, as it was rainy season we decided t do the waterfall.

The way to the waterfall is from the village. We need to travel by the Silvassa Road to reach the Waterfall.  Ask the locals and they will guide you with directions to the Silvassa Road. The are sign boards putup on trees leading to the waterfall. If you follow them, you can't get lost.

Again the roads are a mixture of of good stretches and potholes. So it is advisable to take a 4*4 along else you will damage the shocs of the car. 

The view around was scenic. The sun had made a special guest appearance amongst the dark clouds and brightened up the place. Don't have words to describe the beauty around. So have taken snaps.

As I said greenery all around us. I could smell the leaves of the trees around. Have to say that nature can give you a High.

Though the hotel manager told me 18 km , it was around 40 km one way to reach the waterfall. We have to travel slowly due to bad stretch on the road most of the times. 

Finally we reached the waterfall. The view was just amazing. Now we can go till the bottom of the waterfall or view the waterfall from the top.

Neha and I decided to reach the bottom of the waterfall. A trail down the valley leads to the base of the waterfall. The trail is made of small rocks and mud. So in the rains it is very slippery. 

We started our trek down the waterfall as it was sunny and the rocks were dry. Clicked some amazing snaps and selfies with the waterfall in the backdrop. The water is muddy and so is the waterfall. 

Half way down the stretch we decided not to trek down as the water was dirty and so decided to make our way atop when the rains started making the climb uphill difficult, but we still managed to get to the top. 

Though we managed to do most of the places on our itinerary except for Bhupatgad Fort. 

As we traveled by car we were able to cover most of the places, had it been public transport I guess we would have covered only Hanuman Point, Sunset Point and Jai Vilas Palace

This journey was fun I should say, really loved the weather and the nature around, truly refreshing and to top it, it didn't tire us up either. Hope to have more trips like these in the future. 

Other waterfalls around Mumbai are Zenith in Khopoli, Chinchoti and Kalote


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