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Jawahar - Sunset Point

Monday, August 18, 2014

After departing from Jai Vilas Palace we decided to see Sunset Point

As the name suggests it should be seen in the evening when the sun sets. But its monsoon and it was a gloomy day, so not sure if the sun would be visible to us, we decided to see it in the afternoon.

Again there are signboards across the city to reach Sunset Point. Tiny curvy roads filled with people lead you to the point.

This point again offers a view very similar to Hanuman Point. Lush greenery all around. All the possible shades of green. So soothing to my eyes. Strong winds blowing all around made me feel even wonderful. I wish I could paraglide from here. If wishes were horses men would ride.   

I also saw this grafiti on the grass drawn by some jerk clearly visible from the point. 

Couple of animals grazing on the grass in a distance was a nice sight to see. 

A meet two bikers there who have come from Vapi in Gujarat. There were creating a fire to cook themselves some chicken. Yummy.  Hoping they would ask me to stay back. Again hope.

It was 2 PM, our stomach growling we decided to have lunch. 

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