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Lodi Tomb in Sikandra near Agra in Uttar Pradesh

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Anonymous Lodi Tomb is located in the Akbar's Tomb premises in Sikandara which is located around 9 KM away from Agra. Both cities are located in Uttar Pradesh.  
Anonymous Lodi Tomb

Not much Information is provided on this tomb,  apart from the fact that it is a Lodi Tomb. 

I walked on the grass to reach the Tomb. Two twin stairs lead up the tomb, which is on a podium. As I was about to the enter the Tomb premises,  I saw something move in it,  in a white color.  The tomb premises was made up of a series of doors,  one leading to another.  
Information on Anonymous Lodi Tomb
I then followed the doors and reached the other side of the premises,  where I saw a woman cutting grass.  I did ask her if she saw anyone exit the tomb premises.  To which she declined.  
Another view of  Anonymous Lodi Tomb

Now this was beginning to scare me out,  did I actually see anyone or. was it. just my imagination.  Though the Rickshaw driver had warned me,  not to visit it,  I still went ahead and visited it. 
The many arched doors in the Tomb permises

When I returned back to the rickshaw,  he scolded me again for not listening to him and visiting it.  


Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

So was she real? Or a ghost?


Thanks Cynthia for reading my blog
Not sure if it a ghost

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