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Hatgadh Fort in Maharashtra near Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hatgadh Fort is located on the Saputara Nasik Road. It is located very near to the hill station of Saputara in Gujarat near the Maharashtra Gujarat border.
Hatgadh Fort in Maharashtra near Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat
 We were able to see the fort in a distance, high on the hill top while traveling on the Saputara Nasik Road. One needs to get off the Saputara Nasik Road, There are no boards put up here, and the route is not tagged on google maps, so one has to rely on the locals for directions, there is a entry fee to visit the fort. both for humans and vehicles.

The entry fee was Rs.40 inclusive of all. The guy will also give you a challan (receipt) for the same. The road from here till the top, is a single lane rocky patch, maybe in a couple of months it will be replaced with a tar road. The rocky patch is complemented by the hill on one side and the valley on the other, the zig zag road stops at the main entrance of the fort. This road will test your vehicle suspension.

The fort fortification is not intact but much better than some forts I have visited, It has a small Darwaza to reach the top. There are a couple of caves near the fort entrance. A couple of carvings on the fort walls can also be seen here.

I noticed that certain portions of the fort are being restored. It is a good thing, that someone is working on the restoration of the fort, else in the coming years it might just vanish from the face of the earth.
Hatgadh Fort in Maharashtra near Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat

There are a couple of houses made of stone atop the fort premises, a couple of water tanks, which still had water stored  in them and a tomb. The view from some of the bastion, though they are not intact is breath taking.

The fort offers a breath taking view of  the surrounding, the Saputara hill station in a distance.

Was unable to find the history of this fort on the internet. If you know the history then do share it with me.

It took us around 30 minutes to explore the fort in entirety, we then headed back to the car  to head back to Mumbai. 


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