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Chand Bibi Tomb in Ahmednagar

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chand Bibi Tomb aka Chand Bibi Mahal (Sonewadi), is located around 15 KM away from Swastik Chowk Pune Bus Stand in Ahmednagar. One has to travel by the Ahmednagar-Patardi-Beed Road (NH222) to reach it. Directions to it are available on Google Maps. 

After alighting from the ST bus, we refreshed ourselves near the Swastik Chowk Pune Bus Stand and then negotiated with the rickshaw drivers outside for a ride to the places on our itinerary. We finally agreed to pay Rs.1,000.

As the rickshaw took off, the cool breeze  hit us hard and we actually started feeling cold. but that was short lived with the rays of the rising sun. Chand Bibi Tomb is located on the Ahmednagar Beed Road and it took as around an hour's time to reach the top of the hillock where the Tomb is located.
Manohar and Me near Chand Bibi Tomb at Ahmednagar

The narrow roads leading to the tomb were deserted, there is hardly any greenery here, nor is there any civilization. A tar road leads to the top of the hill.

As the rickshaw climbed uphill, we saw a couple of people walking up and down the hill, this can be a nice morning walk, apart from them we also saw a couple of cyclists who were riding uphill. Finally we were on top.
Chand Bibi Tomb at Ahmednagar
We decided to waste no time and visited the monument.

The Chand Bibi Tomb is six sided- three storey structure with a dome atop it, with the tomb in the basement. We first decided to visit the tomb, there are two tombs here, adorned with a green sheet of cloth (Chaddar)
Artwork at Chand Bibi Tomb at Ahmednagar

The design of the tomb is uniform in all aspects with the windows atop having small balconies near it.

We then decided to view the tomb from the inside, there are steep staircase leading from one level to the next. The steep staircase is made up of huge stairs, interestingly there is natural light coming in, so one can see the stairs.
Chand Bibi Tomb at Ahmednagar from the inside

The tomb premises is very airy due to the huge windows all around. We then reached the top of the structure. Please be careful here as there is no fencing. It offers a breathtaking view of the area around. It has got hills, windmills and civilization in  a distance. This hillock seems to be deserted from civilization.
Atop Chand Bibi Tomb at Ahmednagar

A little bit of history, Chand Bibi (1550 - 1599) was a Muslim woman warrior, was the daughter of Hussain Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar. She played a vital role in defending Ahmednagar from the Mughal forces. 
Tombs in Chand Bibi Tomb at Ahmednagar premises

On our way back we also saw another structure, but sadly there is no signboard around to provide information on the same.

Unnamed structure near Chand Bibi Tomb at Ahmednagar

The time was now 8:45 AM and we decided to visit Ahmednagar Fort which is located a couple of KM away from there on the way to Ahmednagar city.


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