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Kanch Mahal near Akbar's Tomb at Sikandra near Agra in Uttar Pradesh

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kanch Mahal is located in Akbar's Tomb premises in Sikandara. Sikandara is located around 9 KM away from Agra. Both cities are in Uttar Pradesh.  
Kanch Mahal

As Rohan, didn't join me on my visit to Agra, I decided to venture all by myself here. 

A couple of ladies stand outside the Kanch Mahal, they provide 
information on it for Rs.10. The information provided is not foolproof. But at 5 PM they lock the Kanch Mahal premises and walk away. You know why, visiting timings are over. LOL.
Ladies outside Kanch Mahal
This is the smallest Mahal I have seen. It is a single storey structurewith Entrance Doors on two sides of it. It has small balconies 
jutting out of it. Which were beautifully carved of stone. 

The Mahal is surrounded by Garden on either side. A little ahead is located an unknown Lodi Grave. 
History of Kanch Mahal
History states that this Mahal was a Royal Ladies Resort and later 
used as a Royal Shikargah (Hunting Lodge) by Jehangir.

The ladies informed me that if you whisper near the pillars within the Mahal premises, people standing near the other pillars could also hear it even if they were on the top storey. They used to pass on information, in that manner. A fact I found difficult to digest.
View of  Kanch Mahal from  Lodi Tomb
I then headed off to see the unknown Lodi Tomb a little ahead. 
Another View of Kanch Mahal
Akbar's Tomb,  Forecourt near Akbar's Tomb and Anonymous Lodi Grave are the other monuments in the premises. The cost of the ticket being Rs. 10 for Indians and Rs. 100 for foreigners.


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