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Khed Caves aka Bouddh Caves near Khed ST bus stand in Khed in Maharashtra (India)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Khed Caves aka Bouddh Caves are located on a hillock very near to the Khed ST bus stand. The lane opposite the ST bus stand leads to the caves. There are no signboards near the caves, so one has ask people about the same.

Khed Caves aka Bouddh Caves

After visiting the Gandharpale Caves we headed over NH17 to reach Panhalekaji Caves near Dapoli. Just when we were about to reach Khed, Manohar spotted a signboard which read Khed Caves. I immediately started researching on the internet about the whereabouts and photos of these caves. Though these caves were not on our itinerary, they were now added to our itinerary.

Khed Caves aka Bouddh Caves

As not much information is available about the caves on the internet. We decided to ask a couple of locals about them. We approached a rickshaw driver and he gave us directions to the caves. He also informed us that they are neglected and that there is nothing much to see there. These caves are not tagged  on Google Maps.


I finally managed to reach the caves. There are houses built all around the caves on the hillock. Something similar to Jogeshwari Caves in Mumbai. There are five caves here. There are neglected and not in good condition, there is dry grass growing all over them. The cave structure are similar looking to the ones at Gandharpale Caves. Though the first cave has got a gate and grills around it as there is a statue of Buddha in its premises.

Khed Caves aka Bouddh Caves with Buddha statue in its premises

The time on my watch was around 4 PM and we had still to cover Panhalekaji Caves and Unhavare Hot Water Springs near Dapoli. 


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