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Ahmednagar Fort in Ahmednagar

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ahmednagar Fort (Bhuikot Killa) is located in MIRC Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. One has to travel by the Ahmednagar-Pathardi-Beed Road (NH222) to reach its entrance. Directions to it are available on Google Maps. It was built by Malik Shah Ahmed, he was the first sultan of the Nizam Shahi Sultanate in 1490 AD. Post that the fort has changed hands a couple of times.

Entrance to Ahmednagar Fort

After visiting Chand Bibi Tomb we headed to Ahmednagar Fort. A land fort and its walls are not very tall. Around the fort is placed a moat, so that enemies couldn't enter the fort premises. Currently there is wild vegetation growing in the moat area. Daulatabad fort near Aurangabad, is another such fort which has got a moat around it.

Hazrat Peer Bagh Nizam Dargah at Ahmednagar Fort
The fort is under the control of the Armoured Corps of the Indian Army. Certain portions of the fort are open to public view from 9 AM to 5 PM. There is no entry fee but one has to deposit an ID proof before viewing the fort premises.

Fortification of Door to Ahmednagar Fort
The guard informed us that the main entrance is a couple of blocks away and for security reason it is closed. He also informed us about the Leaders Block and the best way of seeing the fort is by walking on the fort walls. 

Door to Ahmednagar Fort

The national flag, he informed us that apart from this fort, it sways on the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Red Fort in Delhi. The size of the flag is the same across all the three places.

We decided visit the main entrance of the fort. It has huge doors which are closed. There is also the Hazrat Peer Bagh Nizam Dargah built near the main entrance. There are a couple of old houses which are in ruins.

Leader's Block at Door to Ahmednagar Fort
We then headed over to see the Leaders Block located within the fort premises. The Leaders block was U shaped and had rooms within it. 12 Freedom Fighters were imprisoned here from 10 Aug 1942. The room in which Pandit Nehru was imprisoned is intact. One can still see some of the articles used by him in those days. "Do Not Touch" is placed near the exhibits.

Atop the walls of Door to Ahmednagar Fort

We then headed over to see the fort via the fort walls. The guard informed that, we need to climb up and down the walls from the staircase located only near the flag. Climbing up and down other staircase on the fort walls is not permissible. The fort is round in structure and has 24 bastions. In the fort walls are openings via which guns could be placed to shoot at the enemy. I have located similar niches in Vijaydurg fort near Devgad.

Walls of Door to Ahmednagar Fort
The fort walls are broad enough, two people can walk together on it. It offers a close view of the land outside. One can't see the inside of the fort due to the thick vegetation growing on the inside. The bastions are all similarly designed. One of them also has a hidden route that leads from one to the other. A couple of bastions have inscriptions in Urdu. Not sure what they meant.

Hidden tunnel in the Door to Ahmednagar Fort walls
Due to it's short fort walls this fort would have been heavily guarded in its hay days. it has changed hands a couple of times and finally it got its freedom in 1947. Located outside the fort are two cannons on wheels. Most of the cannons I have seen on fort visits in Maharashtra don't have wheels. BTW no cannons could be spotted in the fort premises.

Important Information on Door to Ahmednagar Fort
Cannon on Wheels at the entrance of Door to Ahmednagar Fort
We then headed off to see Damdi or DamadiMasjid.


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