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Delhi : Adilabad Fort near Tughlaqabad Fort and Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Adilabad Fort is located very near to the Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb and Tughlaqabad Fort on the Mehrauli Badarpur Road. The closest railway station and metro station being Tughlaqabad.
Adilabad Fort in  distance

After visitng Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb, Rohan and I decided to talk to Adilabad Fort, located a couple of kilometers away. Most of the land around was barren and dry. The strong wind made it dusty too. Some children were playing cricket on it on that hot  sunny day. There were very few trees here, they offered shade to the buffaloes grazing on the remaining grass. 
Rampart and Fortification of Adilabad Fort
The fortification looked good even from a distance. It was a hill fort with a rampart led to the entrance of the fort. 
History of Adilabad Fort
Finally we were at the entrance of Adilabad Fort. Fort looked like a twin  to Tughlaqabad Fort. As the stone used to built the walls was the same. Size wise it was much smaller than the Tughlaqabad Fort. 
Bastion of Adilabad Fort
After climbing the rampart, one reached the main entrance. The bastions around it were huge, there were slits in the walls, to attack the enemy. Looking at the size of the rampart, I was sure that elephants used to climb up the fort premises. 
Entrance to Adilabad Fort
No timings are mentioned, so  it should be open from sunrise to sunset and there is no entry fee. 
Ruins in Adilabad Fort
Adilabad Fort was built by Mohammad Bin Tughluq, the son of Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq, who ruled Delhi between 1325 AD to 1351 AD. The fort is also called Muhammadabad Fort, after him. It was the fourth fort built in Delhi and it was planned on the same lines of Tughlaqabad Fort and built on the southern side of it. It is said that this fort used to  connect to Tughlaqabad Fort via a causeway, the remains of which are still visible.  Since both forts are hill forts, it offered a very good view of the city. 
Fortification of Tughlaqabad Fort
The fort premises, is totally in ruins. There are many structures atop it with arched doors, but no roofs, Maybe the roofs have collapsed over the years. These can be the Palace, rooms of the officials who lived then. 
Ruins within Adilabad Fort
Sadly there were not  much visitors here, in comparison to Red Fort, Humayun Tomb Complex and Qutub Minar Complex. 

That's me

Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb from Adilabad Fort
Next pitstop on your agenda is Sultan Ghari Tomb. 


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