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Delhi : Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb Tughlaqabad Fort and Adilabad Fort

Monday, February 29, 2016

Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb is located very close to Adilabad Fort and Tughlaqabad Fort on the  Mehrauli Badarpur Road. The closest railway and metro station being Tughlaqabad.
Entrance to Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb
 After visitng the Tughlaqabad Fort we decided to visit the tomb. 

The Tomb is located just opposite to the Entrance to Tughlaqabad Fort, The Mehrauli Badarpur Road, divides the two. A narrow passage made of stone leads to the Tomb from the Mehrauli Badarpur Road. 
History of Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb
The Entry ticket is common for both Tughlaqabad Fort and the tomb. 

The  boundary of the Tomb is constructed like a fort, the stones used are similar to the ones used in the construction of the forts around it. 
Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb
The tomb of Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq was built by he himself in 1328, he was the founder of the Tughluq dynasty. Initially this place was a rocky island surounded by a huge reservoir and had a causeway that connected it to Tughlaqabad Fort. The tomb is pentagonal in shape and is built with fort like walls all around it, it had bastions too at the entrance of it. 

Akbar was another great Emperor who had designed and built his own tomb in Sikandra. 
Fortification of Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb
The tomb accomodates graves of Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq , his wife and son. The tomb is designed in Indo Islamic architecture. The tomb is made of red sandstone and white marble. The shape of the tomb structure is that of a pyramid. Broad at the bottom and tapers at the top. with a marbled dome to  cover it. 
Me outside Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb
It as a nicely trimmed green grass around it. The walls around it, have got small arched doors, which could be used as resting places or for accomodation. They offered us good relief from the hot sun. 
Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb
Apart from the tomb, it also houses cell and the Tomb of Zafar Khan. Infact the tomb of Zafar Khan was built  much before the tomb of Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq. Zafar Khan was a general in Delhi Sultanate who conquered many terrotories, but died in battle. 
Ghiyas Ud Din Tughluq's Tomb from Adilabad Fort
Again not many people visit this place, we then headed off to see Adilabad Fort, located a couple of kilometres away.  


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