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Dinner at Hotel Shalimar

Saturday, May 3, 2014

As always Ali my foodie friend accompanied me to Hotel Shalimar, Hotel Shalimar is a chain of restaurants  spread across Mumbai. We visited the one near Bhindi Bazaar in South Mumbai.

As the time was 10 pm on my watch, we were on the watchout for a place to sit in the restaurant. Finally we got a place. Though the restaurant looks small from the outside, it is huge on the inside. No phone signals in the restaurant premises.

I let Ali order for the food of his choice. He ordered Mutton Mughlai and Bheja Masala with Roomali Roti. 

In about 25 minutes time food was served.

I kick started with the Bheja Masala. The Bheja was nicely prepared. It was fresh and tender, the gravy was also tasty. Enjoyed with the Roomali Roti.

I then moved in to eat Mutton Mughlai, I am not a big fan of mutton, reason being that mutton always has bones in it.

Ali had informed me to have their preparation. The mutton was tender and nicely cooked, I enjoyed the gravy too, to top it we had all boneless pieces in our plate.

I loved the food so much that we ordered extra Roomali rotis to have it. Though the texture of both the items is the same, they differed in taste.

Finally we were done. The foodie experience was amazing, though the cost was a bit high, the entire meal costed as Rs. 567 for two.
Over all a good place to eat traditional Mughlai food in Mumbai.


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