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Saint Paul's Church in Diu (Union Territory in India)

Monday, March 6, 2017

After visiting the Diu fort ,we travelled to St. Paul's Church in Diu. The church is dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. It was founded in 1600 AD. by the Jesuits. 

Saint Paul's Church in Diu (Union Territory in India)

The design of the church was very similar to the ones I have seen in Old Goa in Goa and Daman.  After all these churches were constructed by the Portuguese. 

Most Portuguese churches are painted white in color. Not sure the reason why they were painted white. The front of the churches beautiful design, with emblem in them. It had three doors, the center one being the main door. It had three window lanes atop the door. This is something similar in most Portuguese constructed churches.
History of Saint Paul's Church in Diu (Union Territory in India)

The inside of the church was also painted white. The ceiling was high up. The design on the ceiling was also wonderful. Sometimes I wonder, how they might have designed them, without any gadgets. 

I said Fathima, and it echoed within the church walls. I was happy as there was no one around to ask me to maintain silence. Though I didn't do it on purpose.
Saint Paul's Church in Diu (Union Territory in India) from the inside

The altar and the palpit was beautiful. Though both are made of wood. The art work on them is truly beautiful. It might have taken the artisans years to complete both the structures. 

There is also a first floor, where people used to attend was currently closed saw we had come in the off hours. 

The visiting hours are from 8 AM to 530 PM. There is no entry fee. But one has to keep footwear outside while entering the church premises. 

There is no food and water available outside the church premises
We then headed over to see Diu Museum.


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