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Diu fort in Diu (Union Territory in India)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Diu fort, was our first stop on the rickshaw tour of Diu. To read about our bus journey to Diu, click here. 

Diu Fort in Diu (Union Territory of India)

The first glimpse of the fort was just amazing. The sun shining on the walls made it even more attractive. As we had too many places to cover in a short span of time, we decided not to waste any time, but to start exploring the fort.

The fort walls are short in height. There is open space near the fort premises. How I love to sit there sipping on some ice cold beer in the hot weather. In its glory days ships might be halting here, hence it appeared like a port. There are a couple of cannons here. No inscription on them. 

Fathima and Me at Diu fort in Diu (Union Territory in India)

The fortress of Panikota is clearly visible from here. The fortress is not accessible to public. Not sure as to why entry to it is denied. By the look of it, it was beautifully constructed structure in the middle of the waters. Though it was far and I possessed just a mobile phone, couldn't get clearer photos of it. 

History of Diu fort in Diu (Union Territory in India)

Other beautiful sea forts I have visited are Murud Janjira near Alibag and Sindhudurg in Malvan, Vijaydurg near Devgad.

Atop the entrance of the fort, are places two symbols, which appear to me like lions, not sure what they symbolize. The door is made of wood, painted black with a small chor darwazain it. It was made for people to pass through. Most forts have a chor darwaza.  I guess the big door is only opened when there is a occasion. 

There is a jail in the fort premises, which is still in service, entry in it restricted.

Near the jail are places many cannon balls. The cannon balls are placed around a soldier like structure. They are also places around a Cross and a small bell next to the cross. The cannon balls reminded me of my trip to Vijaydurg near Devgad in Maharashtra. They had plenty of cannon balls for display.

Please refer to the photo for the history of the Diu fort.

The fort visiting hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM, everyday. There is no entry fee. 

There are a couple of ruined structures within the fort premises.
We decided to walk on the walls of the fort to get a better view of what is inside and outside. 

Some of the cannons on the fort are beautiful. They reported a wonderful design.They even had a royal emblem on them.
Fort of Daulatabad, Naldurg and Solapur in Maharashtra, Moti Daman in Daman and Reis Magos fort in Goa, have beautiful cannons in their premises.

Entry to certain structures on the fort premises is restricted. 

I saw a different type of cannons sitting within one of the structures in the fort. These destructive toys looked like the ones which were used in the world wars. Not sure as to how they landed in the fort premises. 

There is a church in the fort premises. It is currently under lock and key. Not sure if it is still in service. 

There are a  couple of under ground dungeons in the fort premises. Entry to them is currently restricted. I have seen dungeons even at Srirangapatna near Mysore in Karnataka . And in Goa.

The ruins of St. Tiago Bastion and Chapel is beautiful. They offer a wonderful view of the sea. They are airy too. 

There is a light house. Not sure if it is still in service. As it was closed when reached it. There are a couple of cannons here. These cannons are beautiful. This the the highest point on the fort. The view from here is amazing. 

There are a lot of unnamed structures on the fort premises, but they are completely in ruins. How I wish, I had a time machine, I could travel back in time to marvel the beauty of this fort.

There is food and water available outside the fort premises.
We then headed to St. Paul's church.


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