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Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh

Monday, March 27, 2017

Asirgarh Fort is situated in the Satpura Range and is around 20 KM away from the the city of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh. 
Entrance to Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur

Directions to Asirgarh Fort from Burhanpur Railway station are available on Google Maps. One has to travel by the Khargone-Burhanpur Highway. You can also ask the locals for directions, they are also reliable.
Structures within Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur
As we were travelling, we could see the Fort in a distance and it was just amazing. It was perched high atop the hill. The fortification and the Minarets of the Jama Masjid situated within it, were clearly visible from a distance. We finally came across a sign board, which informed about the fort. The rickshaw driver told us, that if we plan to go trekking, then we should take the other route. One can reach the top in around 1 to 2 hours. It is a well trodden path. He informed us that, had we waled it up, we would have bee panting all the way up. I didn't tell him that we have climbed many hill forts in Maharashtra. 

The motor able road to reach Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur
There is also a motor able road, which takes one, to the entrance of the fort. The motor able road is not in very good condition, so it will test your vehicular suspension. The road is located at the edge of the hill, one wrong turn and you are down in the valley below. It took us around 25 minutes to reach the top, from the main road.
Finally after travelling in the rickshaw for around 1 1/2 hours we were finally atop the hill. The rickshaw driver parked his rickshaw in the parking lot. From there we informed us to walk it too the Main Entrance or Maha Darwaza of the fort. 

Fathima and Me at the Maha Darwaza

There is no entry free nor is there any entry timing to visit the fort premises. As there is no lighting in the fort premises, it is better to visit the fort in the day. 

The fortification looked amazing from here. Not sure if the fortification is intact throughout the fort premises. It bought back memories of Naldurg Fort in Maharashtra I had trekked with Manohar a couple of months ago.  
Structures within Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur
From the parking lot, it offers a fantastic view of the valley below. The houses looked like ants from a distance. Due to the fog, the photos are not very clear. 

At the entrance, there are inscriptions in Arabic or Urdu on the stone walls. No need to worry if you don't know to read that language. There is also a sign board in english and hindi informing you as to what is inscribed on stone. Inscription : Revolt of Shahjahan, Inscription of Akbar and Epigraph of Aurangzeb's Reign.

The history of the fort is also available here. As per history, different rulers have ruled over it over the centuries. The fort was built by Asa Ahir in the 15th century. He was murdered by Nasir Khan of Khandesh who then took over the fort. The fort was later conquered by Akbar and finally it was under the British rule. 

Information on Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur

Historical information on Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur
Map of Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur
One has to cross the arc shapes stone door and then the Maha Darwaza to enter the fort premises. The Maha Darwaza is made of wood. It also had a small chor darwaza to it. There is metal (now rusted) stuck to the Darwaza. 

Another two keyboards give information as to what places are there on the fort premise. It also gives a map of the fort, so that all places can be covered. 

Strucures within Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur

There are plenty of ruins of houses on the fort premises, again no signboards,  so not sure what they were. 

Fathima and Me near Jama Masjid in Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

Another sign board, gives information on the Jama Masjid located in the fort premises. There are three elevated arched doorways to enter the Masjid premises. There is a small courtyard surrounded by arched prayer halls on three sides. It had two Minarets within its premises. There is a internal stairway to reach the top of the Minaret, but it is currently under lock and key.  

The arches within the prayer halls are all in symmetry, they are identical and look beautiful. Reminded me of the ruins near Qutub Minar in Delhi. The artists who constructed these artifacts in those days, did a fabulous job. Hence they are still standing though many centuries have passed by. There is also a inscription on one of the doors of the Masjid. Again the language barrier made it difficult to reach as to what is written on it. 
History of Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

Entrance to Jama Masjid in Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur

There are a couple of broken bastions located on the fort premises. The fort wall has broken down at certain places. 

We then located another sign board which read about the British Cantonment. These roofless. structures made of bricks are in ruins. There are many of them located here. 

Jama Masjid in Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur

Symetrical pillars at Jama Masjid in Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur

There are a couple of water bodies too on the fort premises. The water in them has turned green due to the algae present in the waters. Making it unfit for consumption. 

Informaton on British Cantonment at Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

British Cantonment at Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

We reached the Mahadeo temple and the baoli (stepwell) situated near it. Entry to the temple is open but not to the baoli. The stepwell was deep and had algae infested water. It reminded us of the Navghan Kuvo at Uparkot fort in Junagadh. Once upon a time, this stepwell, used to provide fresh water for drinking purposes. 

British Cantonment at Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

The Mama Bhanja talab, which is again infested with algae, had turned green. It used to supply fresh water to the fort inmates a long time ago. 

There are plenty of ruins and tombs on the fort premises. Again on signboards. 

Mahadeo Temple within Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

Mahadeo Temple within Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

It took us around 2 hours to explore the fort premises. We finally exited the Maha Darwaza for the fort premises and headed to the parking lot. The rickshaw driver took us to a arched shaped stone door near the parking lot. He informed us that had we come trekking up, we would have come up from here. 

Waterbody at Asirgarh fort in BUrhanpur

Structures within Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur

He also made us visit a water body located in the fort walls. This a sacred spot for Hindus, they draw water from there and then bathe in the water. Again no sign board, so not sure of the significance.
There is no provision for food and water on the fort premises. So do carry it. There is little provision near the base of the fort. Near the highway.

Water System at Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

Water System at Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

We then exited the Asirgarh Fort and headed downhill to Burhanpur City.  

Fortification of Asirgarh fort in Burhanpur

The opening in the fort wall where water is stored, used by Hindu devotees for bathing purposes

The rickshaw driver then took us to the Tomb of Shah Nawaz Khan aka Black Taj.

The trekking route to reach Burhanpur fort in Asirgarh


Unknown said...

This place is amazing, recently visited it all the way from Norway. :) Very nice description/review too! Just one question though, if the fort was built in the late 1500 century, how come it says on the first inscription that it was ruled/occupied already around 9/12 century?

Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

Your blog certainly makes history come alive.

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