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Burhanpur rail trip : Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh

Friday, March 24, 2017

Burhanpur City is located in the Burhanpur District in Madhya Pradesh. It is located very close to the Maharashtra-Madhya  Pradesh border. It is roughly around 425 KM by road and 506 KM away by rail. There are many historical sites located in and around Burhanpur. 
BMC building near CST

I have been planning this trip for quite sometime now, ever since Fathima had told me about this place. Finally we decided to visit it. Now there are two ways of travelling, either road or rail. We decided to travel by rail, as advised by Fathima, as she has been there a couple of times for religious visits. 

There are many trains that ply to Burhanpur from Mumbai CST. Both railway stations are on the Central Railway Line. We decided to board the Mahanagari Express from Mumbai CST at 00:10 AM, to save on time. It was a smart decision as we would sleep through the night, by the time we are awake , we would have reached Burhanpur. The train reaches Burhanpur around 8:08 AM. 
CST railway station from the outside
As it was the 26th of January. Our Repulic Day, the Mumbai CST Railway station and the Municipal Corporation Building or the BMC building were lit up in the colors of our tricolor. Both British built monuments were looking extremely beautiful. 

We had kept alarm on our phones around 7:15 AM to be awake before time. It is a must as the train stops at Burhanpur Railway Station for just 2 minutes. Due to the fog,we were delayed and we reached Burhanpur around 8:15 AM. If you miss then you have to alight at the next stop i.e. Nepanagar. The Mahanagari Express terminates at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. It took us roughly around 8 hours to reach.
Mahanagari Express
The compartment in which we were travelling was clean, not sure of the return journey though.As the journey was 8 hours long we had booked Sleeper Class tickets for just Rs. 280 each. There are AC tickets and unreserved tickets also available. 
Burhanpur Railway station
We freshened up at Burhanpur Railway Station, and then headed out to have some breakfast and then board a rickshaw to Asirgad Fort located very close to Burhanpur. 
Aloo and Methi Paratha
There are a couple of hotels and small roadside eateries, just outside the railway station. We had breakfast in the form of Poha and Paratha (Methi and Aloo) The breakfast is very cheap. 
Asirgarh Fort
We then decided to book a special rickshaw instead of a sharing rickshaw so that we can travel to Asirgarh Fort. A special rickshaw is important as we don't have to waste time searching for a mode of transport.


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