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Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple in Diu (Union Territory in India)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

After visiting the INS Kukri Memorial, we travelled to Gangeshwar Mahadev temple located a couple of KM away. 
Shivlings in the water

Provision of food and refreshments is available here. 

There are a couple of shops here, selling articles of worship.
There were many people who can come to venerate the Shivlings. It is said that the temple was constructed by the Five Pandavas. The five brothers had constructed five shivlings. The five shivlings are of different sizes. The shivlings were built at the bottom, in a cave. The sea waves directly lash onto the shivlings, keeping it submerged most of the time when the tide is high. 
Shivlings in the water

Many people got down to get a closer view of the shivlings. But force of the waves is so strong that, it can pull you in the waters, so it is best to stay far and see.
View of the sea from Gangeshwar mahadev temple in Diu
The tourism department had built a couple of seats facing the sea on the cliff. We sat there as we watched the sun go down. Water was all that I could see in a distance. The sea breeze kept us cool.
We then headed back to our Hotel in Diu. We had covered most of the places on our itinerary. Beaches were not on the list, but we still managed to sit atop a cliff, and enjoyed the sun going down the water I regret we didn't get to dip our happy feet in the water. 
Diu Bus Stand
We inquired at the Diu Bus Stand if there was any bus that would take us to Junagadh. Yes there was a bus going to Junagadh. As the booking office was closed, we still managed to book tickets from a third party vendor for a cost. Reserved seats are always better than travelling unreserved. The booking agent had informed us that it would take us around five hours to reach Junagadh as the bus travels across various small towns before reaching Junagadh. The bus departs from Diu Bus Stand at 7 AM.


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