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Naida Caves in Diu (Union Territory in India)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When I saw the website of Diu on the internet, the first image I saw was of the Naida Caves, they were just beautiful. 'I have to visit Diu' is what I said to myself. I then checked to see the other historical sites I can see in Diu.
Naida Caves in Diu
After visiting the Diu Museum, the rickshaw driver brought us here.

There is no entry fee. But point to be noted here, is that these caves need to be seen in sunlight. Light should be in plenty.
Naida Caves in Diu

There was hardly anyone at the caves, just the two of us.

The caves were all identical to each other. One can get lost in the cave premises you don't follow the signs. Like always we too got lost.

I have been have been either Buddhist, Jain or Hindu Caves. But these are totally different.
Naida Caves in Diu

The rays of the sun falling on them, made them even more beautiful. I initially thought the photos, on the Diu website were a product of Photoshop. But these are for real.
Naida Caves in Diu
It was calm and quiet in here. Had Buddha been here, he tool would have fallen in love with them and mediated here.  

Sunrise and Sunsets were beautiful, but now these caves too have made it to the list, thanks to the rays of the sun.
Naida Caves in Diu
It took us almost an hour to explore all the caves in the premises.
Fathima and Me at Naida Caves in Diu
Again there is no food and water available near the Caves premises. 

We then headed over to see the INS Kukri Memorial located atop a small hillock a few KM away.


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