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Jaora, Tum Tum to Hussain Tekri

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We were out of the train and into a Tum Tum to take us to Hussain Tekri.  To read about Train to Jaora. We divided ourselves amongst the two rickshaws [Tum Tum]. One went to Hussain Tekri the other did a de tour, to buy beef samosa and kebab for breakfast. Beef Samosa. This is the gate to heaven is what I said to myself.
Jaora Railway Station

 After shopping for breakfast we headed off to Hussain Tekri. Mohsin had made arrangements for us to stay at one of the lodges here. The journey was a bumpy ride over the narrow roads. I guess this is the case with all roads in the villages. These roads can give you a severe backache. But if you are used to it then Aal is Wel. I personally didn't get any backaches in this journey.
Tum Tum
We had divided ourselves into three rooms. Don’t expect state of the art lodges here. This place is full of lodges to accommodate people who come here from every part of the country.
Tum Tum
Most of them are one storey lodges which can accommodate around 20 rooms, the rooms in these lodges are not very big but most have inbuilt restrooms. Hot water is provided at request 24*7. The lodges’ don’t have arrangement for food, so you have to eat food in the eateries outside the lodge.

Shop selling Beef Samosa
Our restroom was not attached and to top it, it had Indian commode. Now I am not used to it, but by the end of our trip, I got myself used to it. "I am so flexible" I said to myself.
Hussain Tekri


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