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Goa - Mormugao Fort in Mormugao Port Trust in Vasco

Monday, November 17, 2014

We were informed about Mormugao Port and Fort by the manager at Hotel Gomati. Based on his instructions we set out to see the fort.

For a change we ditched the motorbike and decided to take the bus to Vasco. BTW Namrata wanted to travel by the local bus. Dream come true for her :)

From Margao City we boarded a mini bus at a cost of Rs.10 each to take us to Kadamba Bus Stand. As buses to Vasco depart from here. Sitting in the mini bus is a pain, the seats are not comfortable plus for a tall person there is no leg room at all. Somehow we managed to reached Kadamba Bus Stand.We were hoping to get a bigger and better bus to Vasco.

We got a big sized bus to go to Vasco. But again the same old story, seats are not comfortable and no leg room. I hope Namrata is having fun. LOL

The bus traveled by the internal tiny village route, up and down , left and right we went on the roads and finally in two hours time we were in Vasco. It cost us Rs.50. 

The bus stops near the Express Kadamba Bus Stand in Vasco City. Direct buses ply to Panjim and Margao. NO stops. We planned to take this bus on our return journey. 

We asked the locals around and finally were on another mini bus going to MPT Colony. 

Now this bus was jam packed. on our toes we were managing the weights of our bodies. As we didn't know where to alight we had informed the driver about it. BTW the bus driver doubles up as  the conductor on the bus. Saving on manpower I guess. 

Finally the driver shouted, "Mormugao Fort" it was time for us to alight. We  paid him Rs.10 each and alighted. He informed us that we need to enter the Mormugao Port Trust inorder to visit the fort and we did just that. 

We entered the Port premises and asked one of the guards and he directed us to the Fort. 

We walked on the path and in a matter of five minutes I could see the fortification. 

As it had rained here, it was green all around. The color was very soothing to our eyes.  

The walls of the fort are around a storey tall and are intact. The walls are made of bricks (chire) these are used for construction of houses in Goa too. 

A small doorway in the wall, will lead inside the fort. The fort is very small. It houses a Cross, Nossa Senhora De Piedade Chapel and a couple of rooms. 

The wall doesn't cover the entire fort but just a few portions of it. One can walk on the walls to get a better view of the Mormugao Port. Huge ships are harbored here. 

Each fort has a huge door to it, but this one had a small one. So maybe some portions of the fort have collapsed and this is all that remains of it. 

This fort was built by the Portuguese to keep a watch over the land and the sea. No idea when it was built. No mention about it in history.

We then headed off to sea Japanese Garden as suggested by the mini bus driver. 


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