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Goa - Road to Cabo de Rama Fort

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

After having breakfast at Madgaum Cafe we decided to visit Cabo de Rama Fort.

Now we had three options, public transport, Private Car or Bike. We decided to take the services of a bike to travel around as it would save on time and also we could travel where buses wouldn't take us.

There are buses plying from Margao City to Cabo de Rama Fort, this is the cheapest mode of transport. But the frequency is not very good so we decided to avoid it. Car travel is very comfortable but costly as compared to Bike and so we decided on bike. 

Bikes are available on rental basis near the Garden at Margao City. The Yellow Building to be more precise. Not sure what the name is. We took Hero Honda Splendor Plus to travel around. Rental being Rs.250 for a day excluding petrol. Filled the tank with Petrol worth Rs.200 we headed out of the city on the NH 17 to Cabo de Rama Fort.

Goa has very good roads, I should say. Felt good to drive on them and we were enjoying every part of our journey. No potholes on the tarred roads.

It was a gloomy day, and as it was monsoon season we were sure it would rain any time so we were prepared for it. In the rains it is advisable to drive slowly as the roads are wet and bikes can skid anytime due to thin tires.

The Fort is located in Cancona District around 25 km, from Margao City. So by bike it would take us around an hour's time to reach it. We took the NH 17, took a right at Chinchinim,, crossed Assolna, then Betul and then finally Cabo de Rama Fort.

The Tar roads cut through the fields. We could see fields all around, flooded with water. Some of the fields were green, others were golden but we could see them as far as our eye could see them. The skies were dark and cloudy waiting to pour on us. 

We crossed a couple of bridges the view which they provided was just amazing. The huge water bodies with coconut trees all around them. Tiny houses next to the water bodies. I wouldn't mind having a house next to the river. Fishing everyday for fresh fish , marinating them in herbs and cooking over firewood. The taste of it. Oh la laa. My mouth has already started watering just thinking about it. 

The population of coconut trees is increasing in Goa. This part of Goa gives you the feeling as if you are in Kerala. But you are in Goa.

The roads were deserted, every 10 to 15 minutes we could see a vehicle passing by. Though sign boards are missing here, I can't say missing but very few of them. But you can ask the people they are very friendly and give correct directions. We asked near the Churches and market areas, they gave correct directions and hence we reached the fort in an hours time. 


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