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Goa - Colva Beach

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The entire trip we have been exploring historical monuments across Goa. 
Colva Beach
Was getting a kind of monotonous for Namrata and she wanted a break from history.  So she decided on Colva beach.

"No ways, Not Colva" In said. to this she asked, "Why?" to this I replied, "I had been to Colva beach in my schooling days, The kind of crowd it gathered in those days was sickening and to add to it pigs too dominated the beach."
Colva Beach
Namrata convinced me to accompany her by sponsoring food and drinks for the night. To which I readily agreed.

Colva is located in Salcete, in South Goa made up of white sand and the shore covered with coconut trees. As it is a famous tourist destination there are lifeguards who continuously patrol the sea. 
Colva Beach
It was a dull day at sea. The sun hid itself behind the clouds and the strong winds blowing all around made me feel good. It was low tide and in a matter of minutes it started changing.

As we didn't carry any beachwear, we decided to talk for a few km on the shoreline. The cold water lashing on our feet made me feel good. Namrata contined to have good fun, splashing water on herself and me like a child.
Low Tide at Colva Beach
There were not many people at the beach. Which was good. I don't like crowded beaches. 

It changed my outlook towards Colva Beach atleast for that day. I didn't mind tying a hammock between two coconut trees and sipping on some ice cold beer and reading a travel guide. If wishes were horses men would ride. LOL.
Coconut trees on the beach stretch
We then headed off to Margao City to have our dinner, which was to be sponsored by Namrata. 


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