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Lunch at Sernyaa at Andheri West

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

 My good friend Alexander, had informed me that this place serves good Tibetan and Chinese food. I have had Chinese food before but not Tibetan and so was eager to visit this place. 

As I had never been here before. I asked around and Michael decided to join me in my food exploration.

The this is a small place located at Adarsh Nagar on the Oshiwara Link Road.

It was 12:10 on my watch when we entered the premises, we were the first ones here.

As we were not familiar with the dishes here, we took the help of the waiter. We wanted to have rice with a little gravy in it and so he recommended us the Danzine -De. We immediately placed an order for the same. 

In a matter of 20 minutes lunch was served.

The rice was served in an earthern pot. The earthern pot helped keep the food hot in the air conditioned environment. 

We enjoyed the food, it was liquidy mix consisting of rice, cabbage, capsicum , chicken and various herbs tosed in various sauces. The food was tasty.  

I liked the three sauses that accompanied the food, each of them were spicy. Looks like Tibetans like their food hot and spicy.

We had little space left in our stomachs and so we decided to order another dish. Again the waiter helped us reach a decision. We ordered Pork Momos.

The Pork Momos were just awesome. The Pork meat was deeply fried in Pork fat and then was wrapped in the momos. We had ordered the steamed version of it. This dish is also avaialble in Pan Fried and Deep Fried version.

The billing for two dishes came ot Rs. 290. One dish can serve two.

Good food for a good price is all that I have to say.



Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

I didn't know anything about Tibetan food beyond momos. From your account, it seems like a cuisine worth trying out. Maybe the next time I am in that part of town.


Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar, it is worth a try. Though the names of the diehes are difficult to understand, I am sure they will all taste good

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