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Dinner at Konkan Kinara at Behram Baug

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yesterday Navin and me decided to have some Malvani Food, headed off to Konkan Kinara located at Behram Baug. 

There are no frills about this place.
Konkan Kinara

We stepped in and ordered our food right away. Both of us ordered Bangda Thali. As we were the only ones there we were hoping that our food comes quick as the menu card mentioned at preparation time of 45 minutes.
Bangda Thali
In a matter of 15 minutes dinner was served. The food brought back memories of the kind food that I had in Malvan and Devgad and also in Panjim.

Everything in my Thali was tasty. The Bangda (Mackeral) was fresh and nicely fried. I liked the preparation of it. The orange colored gravy made of coconut was lovely to eat with the chapati and also the rice. Cauliflower vegetable was cooked the way my Mom's cooks it. Solkadi , i just loved it. Though the quantity was small. A special mention about the green chutney, made of coconut it was nice and tangy. 
Mandeli Fry
We had also ordered ourselves a plate of Mandeli (Gold Spotted Capsali) Fry. The fish was deep fried in coconut oil and was nice and crisp. Again the green chutney which accompanied it was amazing.

All this costed us Rs.330. Rs.130 for each of the Bangda Thali and Rs.50 for the Mandeli Fry. The two extra chapatis which we ordered cost us Rs.10 each , which is expensive.

Overall a good place to eat good Malvani Food. 

Directions: It is at the junction of Andheri Link Rd and LInk Rd. Lanmark is Shiv Sena Shakha and Link Palace Apartments. 


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