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Bhau Daji Lad Sangrahalaya

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I then headed off to see Bhau Daji Lad Sangrahalaya located next to the Zoo.

The entry fee is Rs.10, still photography is allowed minus the flash and no video photography.

The Museum is very well maintained by the donations received from Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation. The museum features the cultural history of Mumbai.

This museum visit was very interesting; it showcases the gifts received by the British when they traded with Chinese, Sri Lankan, and Burmese. The artifacts received by them. The articles made of bronze, silver and ivory. Paintings made on paper, walls, metal and cloth. It also showcases the weapons used in wars, like swords, spears and daggers. This showcased art on stone, soaps, ivory and various metals. There is a miniature cannon too in its premises.

Bhau Daji Lad Museum
On the ground floor it features the statues of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria and David Sasoon. The museum building looks beautiful both from outside and inside. The flooring, features Minton Tiles, the pillars gold giled and beautifully painted and sculptured,  the windows on the glass, the wooden work and the work on the ceiling took me various centuries back to when it was built. The feeling of being here was very royal and I enjoyed reading and seeing each of these artefacts. I didn’t take photos of any as I want you to go and visit this place.

On the way to the first floor are the photos of all those who made this museum function i.e. up and running. Even the staircase was beautifully decorated. I love this place.

The Museum from the inside with all the artefacts
The first floor is dedicated totally to Mumbai. It shows how Mumbai looked centuries ago, the geography and history of Mumbai. How the land of Mumbai looked them. There are photos taken of how Colaba, Porbunder, CST used to look them. The vast difference then and now is what history is. It features the various water bodies used for transport both small  and advanced, the miniature models, they had small miniature statues of people, of the various communities who resided in Mumbai, how the various communities used to dress,

The following were in the 3D format, life in the village, the paddy cultivation and harvesting process, the indoor and outdoor games played then, Meenakshi Temple in Madurai and a replica of a temple in Varanasi.

Cannon outside the Museum
The statues of mythology Gods and their avatars.

The various regiments we had and their dress codes.

The Tower of Silence and how it looks from inside.

This Museum is full of information, above what I have stated are some of the things I can recollect, to know more on it please do pay it a visit.

This museum is open till 5 in the evening, and it will take  you more than 2 hours to see it so plan accordingly.

Other museums in  Mumbai worth visiting are BEST Transport Museum and Western Railway Heritage Gallery

After seeing the zoo and museum I decided to head back home. 


Anonymous said...

Makes me wamt to go....

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