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Rameshwar Temple at Achara

Friday, March 14, 2014

After having done with Devgad Fort, Devgad Port, Devgad Beach, KunkeshwarTemple and Vijaydurg we headed back to Malvan.

As there was no direct bus to Malvan in the morning we decided to do a stopover trip, we boarded a bus to Achara. Btw the bus was going to Achara only.

We alighted at Achara after a three hour journey in the interiors of this place. It cost us Rs. 58 for this journey. 
Premises of Rameshwar Temple in Achara

We asked the locals around and they told us to visit Rameshwar Temple at Achara which is located at a walking distance from there. They told us that it would take us around 30 minutes to reach this place.

We walked on the road as we were directed and reached the entrance of the temple. This temple is beautiful. The pillars of the temple and the colors it was painted in, pushes one back in time.

There are a few old diya stands in the fort premises called as stumbhs in Marathi, they were constructed in the 17th century.
Old Diya stands in the Temple premises

Chhatrapati Shambu Raje of Kolhapur had given this Iman (Iman means land given by Kings and Emperors to people for the achievements) to Shri Dev Rameshwar (i.e. Lord Shiva) this temple is dedicated to Shiva.

We decided to have our lunch at the temple premises. The lunch consisted of rice, dal curry, kidney beans and a sweet dish. The women in the temple premises prepare food for all the devotees who come here and serve it to them. The food is free of cost. The women serve food as they believe that they are blessed when they serve unknown people.
Free food served in the Temple premises

After Hithakshi got her blessings and our stomachs full to the core we decided to head back to Malvan.

Though the journey from Malvan to Devgad consumed just 3 hours of our time this return journey consumed around 8 hours of our time.

As we sat in a bus that took us on a darshan to the interiors of Achara and Devgad. Never the less travelling around in rustic Maharashtra was fun, the rollercoaster ride in the jungle the small and squeaky houses around both on low lying and high lying  areas was amazing.

I was imagining what a difficult life it is for these people to commute as they stay so deep in the heart of nature.

Finally at 1630 hours we reached Malvan ST Bus depot. We were on a mission now as we had to lookout for a place to stay for the night, that too a budgeted one.
Rameshwar Temple interiors
We finally got ourselves a room on rent at Rs. 700 per night at Hotel Sahil Palace. Thanks to the chemist we inquired at. The owner of the chemist turned out to be the brother of the local MLA who owned the Hotel. 

He gave us at a discounted rate but a spacious room for the two of us. 

Had thali dinner in a local restaurant and called it a night as we had to do Devbag beach, Tarkarli beach the next day.


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