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Devbag Beach via Tarkarli

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The next morning we boarded the green color mini bus to Devbag Beach via Tarkarli.

This bus is full of locals and it travels along the border so we can view the seashore as we travel.
Boat ride t see  the confluence of the sea and river Kurli
 Many people have setup hotels to gain tourist attention, though there are houses of fishermen too on the beach.

In around 30 minutes time we were at Devbag Beach Mobor. This doesn’t have a good stretch of the beach. From here we took a boat ride at a cost of Rs.300 to see Bhogave Beach, the confluence of the sea and river Kurli.
The rising waves, is the place where the conmfluence happens
Bhogave beach is beautiful. Not a soul on the beach, it reminded me of Tom Hanks in movie. I forgot the name of the movie, let me recollect. Ha, Outcast

The confluence was also nice, the waves rose so high that I almost got wet in the boat.

We then headed back to the bus top to board the same bus on its way back to Malvan ST bus depot. The conductor alighted us at Tarkarli Beach near the MTDC resorts.
Beautiful hillside on the other side of River Kurli 
This beach is clean, clean white sands with green waters lashing on the shore, not many people here. We decided to walk on the shore, meaning I walked on the sand and Hithakshi walked in the waters.

Frankly speaking all the beaches look the same; it’s just us people who have given it different names.
Tarkarli Beach
We saw a few malnourished camels on the beach. If an obese person would happen to sit on them they would collapse.

Devbag beach and Tarkarli Beach are  a must for all travelers.

We then headed off to Malvan again.


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