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Windmills at Devgad

Saturday, March 8, 2014

From Devgad Beach there is a staircase that leads to the Windmills.

The staircase is a bit tiring but the view from up here, is worth the climb. 
Windmills at Devgad
 This place offers a beautiful view of the sea, the beach, the cliff on the other end of the beach and Devgad Fort and the Lighthouse in its premises.

We could see the light from the lighthouse clearly from here though it was far away in a distance.

The windmills here are not functioning. Many are broken down with blades and motor scattered all over the place.

As the sun was setting we located a few fishing boats in a distance, maybe there were heading back ashore after a hard days catch.
Fishing boats in the Sea
We had bhel while watching the sun go down in the water. The bhel was amazing. 

It was nice to see the sun go down from the cliff and to see the effect of the rays of the sun on the land we then headed off to our hotel calling it a day. 


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