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Devgad Port

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We headed out of Devgad Fort on the staircase that led us to the Customs House. From here the road goes straight to Devgad Port. 
Fortification around the Devgad Port
 The Devgad Fort was erected by Kanoji Angre in the year 1705. The Fort was built at the confluence of the Devgad creek and the Arabian Sea. The fort is accompanied by a Harbor at the base where once a upon a time big ships used to dock.

Even near the Port the fortification still exists. I guess the Port and the Fort were constructed around the same time. My assumption is based on the stone walls. Thought the port is no longer in existence.

We met an elderly fisherman Chinappa, who has made the jetty his home for a few months. He told us that he has come here from Karnataka to catch fish and to make a living as he has a family of five at home out of which he needs to get two of his daughters married off. I was touched when I heard his story. He offered us coconut to eat. After having the coconut we told him that we plan to explore the port.

Chinappa, who has made the Devgad Port his home
We saw a few cannons here. As it was a port I guess trading was in full swing and so for security reasons the cannons were placed here.

As per the inscriptions on the walls the port was built somewhere in the 17th century.

Fishing boat in the waters which are made by the confluence of Devgad Creek and Arabian Sea.
He told us that it is not safe for the two of us to hang around alone in the portside. There were many houses here and they looked as if they have been vacated for quite some time now, making them appear like haunted houses. We took his advice and headed off to Devgad Beach.


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