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Devgad Beach

Thursday, March 6, 2014

After exploring a part of Devgad Port we headed off to see the beach. We reached the point from where three roads meet, one heading to Devgad Fort and port, other to the ST bus stand and the third to Devgad Beach.

From this junction it takes 10 minutes to walk to the beach.

In no time we were on the beach. The stretch of the beach is not to long but it was beautiful.
Devgad Beach sandwitched between the windmills located on a cliff on one end and another cliff on the other.
Clean white sands with grey waters lashing against them made it an amazing view. But this view short lived due to the short stretch of the sea.

The beach is sandwiched between the windmills located on a cliff on one end and another cliff on the other.

Now it was 1700 hours in the evening and there was no crowd on this beautiful beach. A few people, wait let me count them, 20 people were on the beach out of which 10 were in the water.

We headed off to see the Windmills located on the cliff.


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