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Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv via the Satara Pandharpur Road

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

After visiting Piliv fort, we took directions from the local and landed onto the Satara-Pandharpur Highway, which was to take us to Pandharpur. We were to rest there for the night.
Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv 

En route, we located this fortified structure on our right hand side. Now this was not on our itinerary. But we still decided to pay it a visit. Parked the car outside it, we entered the stone walled premises via the Maha Darwaza or the Main Door.

Maha Darwaza to Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv
The Main Darwaza had a small Chor Darwaza or Small Door in it. The wooden door was decorated with nails, that are 5 inch long, currently they are totally rusted. When the fort was attacked by the enemies, the enemy could enter the fort either by climbing the walls or the main door. History states that Elephants were used to attack and break open the Maha Darwaza, hence the nails to injure the Elephants.

It was a land fort and the walls were not very tall. Like the Ahmednagar Fort in Ahmednagar. The fortification was intact. The fort was square shaped.

Maha Darwaza and Chor Darwaza
Raigad Fort, Vasai Fort have got great Maha Darwaza's.

There was just one house in its premises. The current owner of the Wada stays in that small house. They are the descendants of the Nimbalkar's.

Stone tablets at Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv
There is a old well, near the house. The well is around 50 feet deep but no water within it. There are a couple of old structures in the Wada premises. We saw a granary too.

The descendants had unearthed a sword and musket gun. Not sure how many more historic treasures are buried under ground.
We also located grinding stone,  rock cut stone artifacts here. Similar to the ones we saw at Tural Hot Water Springs on NH66.

Old structures within Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv 

The time was now 6:45 PM and we had to reach Pandharpur.
On the Satara-Pandharpur Road, we were greeted with lighting and thunder. Finally came the rain to cool down the soaring temperatures. How I love and cherish the smell of the soil.

Artifacts at Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv

Now we had to search for a place to stay for the night. We tried the local government guest house. But it was full. Through past experience, we have never got to stay in a Government guest house.
We got ourselves room's in Hotel Laxmi Palace, at a cost of Rs 700 for non AC. The AC ones cost Rs.1000. The rooms were okay, but not that great.

Current residents at Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv

Ate some street side chinese food and omlette pav. But nothing beats the street side chinese food we had at Wai, what say Manohar.

Well at Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv

That night it rained so heavily that the power conked off. We had to keep the balcony door open so that the chilly breeze could come in. Good we didn't take the AC room, as it would  have been a complete waste of money.

Unearthed Musket Gun at Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv

Unearthed Sword at Wada on the way to Pandharpur from Piliv

Next morning woke up, had breakfast at Kamat's located on the Satara-Pandharpur Road. The food was not at all tasty. First time ever, it didn't live up to the brand name. We then headed off to see Machnur Fort. 

Please do click on the highlighted words above to read about those explorations. 


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This place is not in piliv its Bhalavani. 23km near about pandharpur

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