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Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti) near Solapur

Saturday, November 12, 2016

After driving for a couple of minutes on the Pune Solapur Highway we located this hotel, Hotel Indraaatya. We decided to brake for lunch there. The time was now 2:45 PM on my watch. Not sure if lunch would be served, but we still decided to try our luck post Kugaav Fort.
Hotel Indraaatya
Lunch was served and so we settled for Chicken Thali, at a cost of Rs. 160 each. Twelve, you read it right, twelve pieces of chicken for Rs.160 is not bad. After having a heavy lunch we then headed over to see Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti) near Solapur.

Akluj fort is tagged on Google maps so there is no way you can get lost. It was around an hour away. We reached the fort premises at 4 PM. It was open to public.
Chicken Thali at Hotel Indraaatya
The ticket cost us Rs.20 each. The timings are from 10 AM to 1 PM, lunch break, 2 PM to 630 PM. I guess it is open on all days.
The Main Darwaza to enter the fort and the fortification is artificially created. It has got mannequins of soldiers around it. There is also a historic bastion located in the middle of the fort. I guess the bastion is all that remains of the original fort, that once stood here.
Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti)
Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti)
It is basically a museum depicting the important events in Shivaji's life. The walls on the inside have got the various events on Shivaji's life depicted in the form of large images.
Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti)
Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti)
The Coronation of Shivaji as King and his Birth Ceremony is depicted in 3D format. Mannequins dressed in various attire. A lot of effort has gone in making this museum aka fort. It was nice to see a museum depicting the important events in Shivaji's life. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to see the fort aka museum.
Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti)
Again not much is known about the history of this fort.
The original bastion located in the center has a statue of Shivaji atop it. It gives a good view of the fort and also the surrounding. It is the topmost point of the fort.
Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti)
Akluj fort (Shiv Srushti)

The time was now 430 PM, we decided to visit Piliv Fort, before we break for the day. 

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