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Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple loated in the middle of River Bhima.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

After visiting Pataleshwar Caves in Pune, tackling the rush hour and traveling on the one way roads, finally we were out of the city premises and on our way to Palasdeo Temple. To visit the temple one has to travel via the Pune-Solapur Highway.
Boats leading to Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple

 Again the directions to the temple are tagged on google maps. It took us roughly around 3 hours to reach. The closest village is the Palasdeo  village. We asked a couple of locals for directions and headed over the dry river bed to reach the boat service, leading to the temple.

The GPS showed that we were actually traveling on the River Bhima.
Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple
As we were travelling on the river bed, the muddy path will test the car suspension, you will  also have to travel slowly, as the ground clearance is very low.

Cattle was also grazing on the dry grass on the riverbed.
Artifacts at Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple

A couple of trucks parked in a distance were carrying on illegal mining work. Make hay while the sun is shinning. LOL.

 We then parked our car near the dry riverbed and then headed towards the boat. Note : there is no jetty here, one has to get in the water to board the boat, something similar to Arnala Fort in Virar and Undheri and Khanderi Forts in Alibaug. The boatman will  instruct you as to where you need to sit, as the boat needs to be balanced or it will capsize.
Artifacts at Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple

It took us 10 minutes to reach the temple. The boat journey cost us Rs.30 for a return trip. The boatman told us that he makes a cool Rs.700 a day, thanks to the drought situation. I don't mind transporting people to and fro.

The boatman told us that the temple was totally submerged under water. It had been like this for the last two decades. Due to the drought situation, we were able to see and visit the temple.
Around the temple premises are a couple of artifacts. Especially this square shaped stone that is beautifully carved.
Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple premises
There are arch shaped structure, made of bricks is beautiful.
We then headed to the temples. There are two temples here. Both the temples are beautiful. The top of the temple was beautifully carved and it has remained that way for ages. Especially when it has been under water for two decades. Not sure as to when this temple was built.

Both the temples were flocked by devotees. Who had come from far to see. Some had come for worship others to take selfies with the temple before they are submerged under water.
Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple
What I didn't like about this place is the signboard that instructs you to take off your footwear when visiting the temple. But then the same people are climbing up the temple Kalash to take photos and selfies with footwear on. NO signboard to instruct them. What a shame.

Also the way people were climbing the top, they could destroy the architecture of the temple, which has remained like that for ages. No one seems to be bothered about it.
Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple
We then boarded the boat to return back to the car. Sadly I didn't get to row the boat like I did at Sav Hot Water Springs located near Gandharpale Caves on the way to Mahad.

Now as there are no signboards and people have made their own ways on the riverbed, we were lost. Then with the help of a couple of locals we finally managed to get on track as we reached the Palasdeo Village. From here a straight road leads to the Pune Solapur Highway.
Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple
Not sure if there are any State transport buses or shared rickshaw to reach this place. A private vehicle is needed.  

For next pit stop was Kugaon Killa. Another fort submerged under water.
Boat to Palasdeo aka Palasnath temple
This temple is currently submerged under water, thanks to the rains.:)


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