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Badlapur Shivkalin Vihir aka Peshwa kalin Vihir aka Badlapur step well near Badlapur

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Badlapur Shivkalin Vihir aka Peshwa kalin Vihir aka Badlapur step well, is located at Devaloli. Which is very close to Badlapur. The closest railway station being Badlapur.

Badlapur Shivkalin Vihir aka Peshwa kalin Vihir aka Badlapur step well

Hansel and I were working on a trip for quite sometime time now. But nothing was getting finalized. We finally made a sudden plan of visiting the Badlapur Shivkalin Vihir. So it was Hansel, me and his Bajaj Pulsar.
Hansel and Me

The route to the step well is tagged on google maps. You should not have any problems in reaching there. Just that for us starting from Amboli in Andheri , it was a long journey. Around 65 KM one away that is roughly a journey of around 3 hours taking roads and traffic into consideration. But that didn't stop us from exploring the step well.we set out at 3:25 pm from Amboli.

We followed the route tagged on google maps. The journey was smooth till we reached Shil Phata. At Shil Phata the roads grew narrow. Due to which the traffic piled up. Had we travelled by car we would have been stuck in traffic. Due to the bike, and Hansel's excellent riding skills we managed to keep moving, despite the traffic. Hansel rode by the side of the road, the muddy patch. It was bumpy road. The ride was similar to a roller coaster ride. Just that we didn't have to pay a huge amount for it, like we do in a amusement park. Said Hansel.
Badlapur Shivkalin Vihir aka Peshwa kalin Vihir aka Badlapur step well
We passed by the Palava City. It is like a Oasis. The roads post that were empty but the numerous speed breakers were a pain. As they didn't let us pickup on speed. 

Finally we got some traffic on the narrow road leading to Badlapur station. We soon crossed the Badlapur railway station an were again travelling on a narrow road.Time was ticking. We were hoping to reach the step well before sunset. Else it would be a waste trip.
Hansel and Me

Hansel gained momentum on the narrow winning roads surrounded by tall grass on either side and we were finally in the village. The time was 6:15 pm on my watch.  Devaloli is a small village with a cluster of around 10 to 15 houses. We asked the locals for directions and then headed to the step well as didn't want dark and blurry pictures. 

The step well is located on the outskirts of the village. It has a animal shed next to it. 
Badlapur Shivkalin Vihir aka Peshwa kalin Vihir aka Badlapur step well

The step well is made of stone and is in the shape of a key. The well was filled with water. The water is not portable. The steps to reach the well were filled with water too. The Door had a couple of cravings stop and next too it. Not sure what they meant or depicted. It is said the the step well was built when Shivaji ruled over the land. Meaning this step well is a couple of centuries old. Sad to see that it is not at all maintained by the villagers. 
Omlette Pav

The villagers call in Shiv kalin Vihir. Shivkalin as it was built during Shivaji era and Vihir means well in Marathi. History states that the step well was built by Peshwa Bajirao I, his younger brother and the military commander of Maratha army. As there was no source of water nearby this step well was built. 

Exploring the step well and photo shoot took us around 15 minutes. The sun had hid behind the hills in a distance. It was time for us to depart from here. It was a long journey home. With no street lights narrow and traffic filled roads. 

We finally set out at 6:45 pm from here to head back to Andheri. Braked near Badlapur station to have some roadside snacks in the form of double omlette pav and falooda. It was wonderful. We then headed to Andheri. History repeated itself again. The same narrow roads, the traffic jams. Thanks to Hansel's riding skills we managed not get stuck in traffic. 

Thanks to google maps and GPS. We were going in circles near the Ghansoli node. Finally we managed to find the right way and we were back on track.
Sunset somewhere near Badlapur

As we rode on the bike the journey was tiring for me a pillion rider. My back and my bum was in bad shape due to the long and bumpy journey. Reminded me of my trip to (click on Indurigad to read) in Pune with Massey. We visited some fantastic places on both bike trips. Just that it took its toll on my body. 

Finally we reached Amboli at 10:15 pm. Tired but a fantastic trip. Hoping to have more trips with you. Another historic site visited and blogged about.


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