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Piliv Fort located on the Satara Pandharpur Road on the way to Pandharpur

Monday, November 14, 2016

Piliv Fort is located around 32 KM away from Akluj fort. i.e around 45 minutes of travel time. Piliv fort is located on the Satara Pandarpur Road. If we visit, then we should reach the fort by 5:30 PM.  We decided to take our chances and head over to see the fort.
Directions available on Google maps. We followed the directions.
The roads are very narrow and in bad shape, they will test your car suspension. Bad roads, increases the time to visit the fort.

Bastions of Piliv Fort

Finally around 5:40 PM after asking locals residing near the fort premises, we were near the fort. The fort walls were intact and in good condition. The bastions looked amazing. Someone has also gone ahead and constructed a shop using the fort wall as one of the walls of his shop. How stupid of him to destroy the national monument.

Bastions and Entrance to Piliv Fort
There is a very small door to enter the fort premises. There was a SUV parked there with a cover, covering it. Not sure why.  

It is small fort, having many bastions,  the stones used in fortification remind me of the forts in Delhi.

Entrance to Piliv Fort
We climbed up the fort walls to get a better view of the fort from the inside and outside. We located a hand cannon. It was heavy to lift. I was able to lift it for a few minutes though. That is the only cannon on the fort premises.

Structures within Piliv Fort
There are people staying in the fort premises. Similar to Mahim fort and Vasai fort. Not sure if they are staying legally or illegally. I guess, the SUV parked near the fort entrance, belonged to one of the people residing in the fort premises.

Hand Cannon at Piliv Fort
The fort takes around 30 minutes to see. The fort smells of nilgiri due to the nilgiri tree in the fort premises. 

Fortification of Piliv Fort
Piliv Village lies at the base of the fort. It is a small town. The narrow roads are packed with people and vehicles. Not sure if there is a public mode of transport to reach the fort premises. 

Fortification of Piliv Fort
Again I am not aware of the history of this fort.

Bastion at Piliv Fort

The time was now 6:15 PM. We were tired. We were on the hunt for a place to stay for the night. Pandharpur was our closest bet. Pandharpur was around 40 KM away on the Satara-Pandharpur Road. 

Please do click on the highlighted words above to read about those explorations. 


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