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Gumbad in Junnar in Maharashtra

Monday, October 17, 2016

After viewing the Bhimashankar Caves from the Junnar Vadaj Road, we decided to waste no time and explore the Gumbad. 

View of Gumbad in Junnar from Bhutalinga Caves

Not many people are aware of the Gumbad, there is no mention of it on the internet nor on google maps. 

We kept asking for directions and finally landed at Vithalwadi. Vithalwadi is a small village comprising of a couple of houses. The access route to the Gumbad is from here. Manohar parked the car, and we headed on foot to see the Gumbad. in about 10 minutes we were near the Gumbad. 

Monument near Gumbad in Junnar

There is another structure located near the Gumbad premises. This structure is also made of stone, but the top of it is beautifully carved. There is wild vegetation growing both atop and around it. There  is a tomb located near it. Again no signboards here. 

Gumbad in Junnar

We then headed to the Gumbad. The four walls are made of stone, and the dome is painted white in color. There is a beautiful design near the dome. There is a tomb in the premises. Reminded me of the Gumbad's I have seen in Delhi. 

Gumbad in Junnar

This is a ASI protected monument. The area around it is being developed. Again there is no mention as to whose tomb it is. 

Aashish, Manohar and Me near Gumbad in Junnar

I was attached by hunger, we decided to visit the Junnar ST bus stand, as we would get couple of options to eat there. Finally we headed to Hotel Dilip to have our lunch. Doesn't my Veg Thali look yummy. LOL.It just cost us Rs.70.
Veg Thali
After having lunch we decided to visit the Tulja Caves.


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