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Rajpuri caves near Panchgani in Maharashtra

Thursday, March 12, 2015

We had visited Parsi Point and Tableland in Panchgani. The sun was over our head now.  We had to make a choice, if we wanted to have lunch or go visit the caves.  Caves was priority and so we headed off to visit it. 

Again please  not refer  GPS and Google Maps as they are misguiding. There are signboards at the initial stretch of the road,  post that have to refer to people and vehicles plying in opposite side of the road for directions.  The directions offered by people are accurate and in a matter of 20 minutes we were at the base village of Rajpuri Caves.  Now the road is a rollercoaster ride so drive safely plus to top it,  it is a narrow road.  I won't be surprised if a ST bus plys on this route. 

The village is small comprising of a few houses and temples in its premises. Some children were playing near the temple. As we were not locals all eyes were on us. Though we were not followed,  but were given directions to visit the caves. 

From the base village one has to descend via stairs to reach the Rajpuri caves.  

The view of the hills and valleys is just amazing.  We walked down the steps and soon were at the caves.  There are around five caves here. The caves are guarded with trees all around.  So we had cool breeze for company. It was fun to sit in the shade of trees.  The sound of the wind blowing and the birds chirping was soothing to our ears. We could see the water trickling down the rock surface above the caves. Though we are done with winters and approaching summers,  this place has still got water flowing,  which is just amazing. 

One has to take off ones shoes to visit the caves.  Manohar was just not in favor of taking off shoes here.  But you remember the famous saying,  "In Rome do as the Romans do."

Near the caves stands a beautiful of statue of Nandi. Surrounded by four pillars with a roof atop it. Means there was a temple here and this is all that remains of it. 

The first cave is filled with water.  It also has a gaimukh from which flows water.  But one can see the cave in entirety by balancing oneself on the dry borders around the cave. 

The second and the third cave houses stone tablets which are inscribed with sculptures. 

The fourth cave is converted into a temple,  there was a puja currently performed here.  So we didn't check the cave out. 

The fifth and sixth are small caves and empty. 

The time was one 1:30 PM on my watch we then headed to bazaar area in Panchgani to have our lunch post which we had Sydney Point and thereafter head to Wai. 


Unknown said...

Good informative but lacks a bit of personal touch. It might not inspire me to go and see the caves and that's not your aim correct?


Thanks Priya,
but you should check ti out, its beautiful

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