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Parsi Point and Tableland atop Panchgani in Maharashtra

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Panchgani is located around 20 KM away from Mahableshwar. It is located on the Wai-Panchgani-Mahableshwar Road. Panchgani is a smaller hill station in comparison to Mahableshwar. It is located in Satara district of Maharashtra. Parsi Point, TableLand and Sydney Point apart from Devil's Kitchen (located near to TableLand) and Mapro Farm (located on the Wai Surur Road) are the main attractions here.

After enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Venna we headed off to Panchgani.
View from Parsi Point

Me at Parsi Point
Dom and Me at Parsi Point
Parsi Point is located on the Wai-Panchgani-Mahableshwar Road.  So we did this point first.  The point offers a beautiful view of the countryside.  The hills and valleys and River Krishna flowing within it was just beautiful. The blue sky was filled with white clouds,  some of which were so huge and dense it shadowed the hill below.  A few houses were located in the valleys surrounded by trees all around. Could't stop myself from taking selfies here. 

As Manohar was taking a short nap,  it was Dom and Me who did the honor of taking selfies. 

 Now there was a beautifully decorated heart here,  Charge is Rs.10 per person to take a snap here.  What a waste of money.

We then headed off to the bazaar area where the Panchgani ST bus stand is as it has signboards to the other points in Panchgani. Remember GPS and Google Maps are unreliable here, so asking people around will surely help. 

Group Pic near one of the caves near Tableland
We then followed the signboards and instructions provided by the locals to reach Tableland. Now Tableland is a flat top atop the hill. The car went right atop Tableland.  There is car parking available here.  But be prepared to be harassed by the horsemen for horse rides here.  Sadly there were no takers for horse rides here. We didn't opt for it either. 
Group Pic

Tableland is a flat piece of land that stretches over two hills with a divide between them.  There is not a single tree atop it.  Barren land.  The soil is red and loose too. So do wear a cap in the summers and rain wear in monsoon. In the rains it would be madness here? The strong wind and the rain,  it will hit you hard on your body. 
Another view of Tableland
There are two caves located below the Tableland.  But they are converted into theme parks.  There is a fee of Rs. 10 to take snaps here.  But the caves didn't excite us much and so we exited them.  The theme parks are restaurants and serve food and drink.  But have to admit the caves are nice and warm. Nothing much to explore in the caves. 

The view from the tableland is very similar to that offered by Parsi Point. Only change was that the sky was just amazing.  Now it was a bit windy here and when mud mixes with wind.  It's dust all around and over you.  
The only camel we saw on our trip
The Tableland is huge, it also has a football ground atop it, I won't be surprised if horse races are held here

The entrance has a couple of food stalls that offer refreshments but for a premium price. 

After getting ourselves covered in dust we headed off to see Rajpuri Caves,  which is located around 10KM away from Panchgani. 


Unknown said...

Very nice and informative. The tableland pics are beautiful. I personally have been there but probably not at the right time. The majestic blue sky with the complementing brown tableland is just eye catching. Good.


Thanks Priya, maybe it was that day, because the next day it was raining. Maybe out timing was right

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