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Dholya Ganpati Mandir in Wai

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It was still pouring like it did yesterday,  when we had reached Wai
Dholya Ganpati Temple

We were finally up at 8 AM after having a good sleep as we were tired and stressed the night before. Felt nice and relaxed, only thing missing was some tea. 

I looked out the window and noticed that it is still raining outside.  I checked the weather update on my phone.  It will be a rainy day and the temperature was around 14 degrees.  That is cold,  compared to Mumbai standards as we are not used to so much cold. As we were in the closed room we were not feeling the chill.  I then opened the door to breathe fresh air and felt the chill in my spine. 
Temple at the banks of Krishna Ghat

With the electricity playing up due to the rains,  we had to decide if we wanted to stay for the night or head back to Mumbai. Even if we decided to stay we would be packed in the room, as we were not equipped with rain gear. We waited another hour to decide if we should stay or leave. 
Krishna Ghat

The rains was toggling between drizzle,  light showers and heavy showers. 

We had breakfast in the form of Misal Pav and Vada Sambhar at the restaurant outside the Dholya Ganpati Mandir.  This is the most famous temple in Wai and has got huge nos. of devotees visiting it. 
Dholya Ganpati

Drizzle and Gloomy weather,  made me wonder if I could get some good pics today,  like I did yesterday at Mahableshwar and Panchgani. We still took our chances and decided to visit the Dholya Ganpati Mandir. 

Dholya Ganpati Mandir aka Maha Ganpati Mandir.  Not quite sure as to what is the history of this temple. It was built by Raste family in the 18th century. 
Diya Stand

There are plenty of shops outside selling offerings to be offered to Ganpati.  

The temple is based on the banks of the Krishna Ghat and has devotees from all over Maharashtra.
Kashi Visheshwar Temple

The temple is made of stone and has a huge statue of Ganpati in it.  Photography of the Ganpati statue is not allowed from within the temple premises. The top or kalash is redone and repainted.  Looks a bit odd in comparison to the stone temple.  I think,  they should have kept it the way it was. More natural and historic. 

In the same premises is located the Kashi Visheshwar Mandir. There are no renovations made to this mandir.  I like that.  This is a old temple of Lord Shiva it also has a beautifully carved statue of Nandi. People flock to take photos wit Nandi here. Apart from that there are two diya stands made of stone which are beautiful. Saw similar stands at Rameshwar Temple at Achara. I guess during festivities these are lit with diya's and they would look wonderful. Had seen similar one when I went to Malvan at the Achara temple there.  Apart from that it also has a gaimukh from which water flows out.  It also has a statue or should I say bust of a man painted orange.  

We then visited the Krishna Ghat,  there are a couple of small temples located near it.  Not sure as to the names of it. The water in it was dirty,  found a couple of women washing clothes in it apart from children playing in it. 
Statue of Nandi

There was a hill range in a distance,  the peak of it was in the clouds.  How we wished we would be up there walking in the clouds.  I had walked in the clouds a decade ago when I went to Mahuli. This was then, when I was not into blogging. 
Krishna Ghat

It has just started to drizzle,  and we were done with three spots so far on our Wai itinerary.
Krishna Ghat

Please do not refer to GPS and Google maps here as it is misleading.  We then asked a couple of locals and headed off to see the Gaoshala.  


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