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Ferryride to Madh Island with Mike

Friday, March 6, 2015

Madh Fort which is currently under the control of Air Force was built on Madh Island. Madh Island is made up of several fishing villages. It can be accessed from Malad (W) and from Versova Jetty in Andheri (W)

I had been to Madh Fort earlier,  but then had visited it via BEST bus no.  271 from Malad Station (W). It took us more than an hour to visit Madh Fort then. 
Mike and Me
 I was informed by Mumbai Hiker about the ferry that departs from Versova Jetty to land at Madh Jetty.  
Ferry Ticket
I asked Mike if he wanted to join me in exploring Madh Fort the ferry way,  to which he readily agreed on a short notice and hence in the afternoon we set off to visit the fort. I had visited Elephanta Caves with him

We metup at Andheri Railway station (W), from here one can board the BEST bus nos.  249 and 251 to reach Vesave village, from where one needs to walk to the Jetty or board a rickshaw which drops you just outside the Ferry Jetty. 
Church of Our Lady of the Sea
It was around 10 minutes now we were waiting for the bus outside Mc.Donalds near Andheri Railway Station.  No sign of the bus so we decided to board a rickshaw to Vesave Village. 

It took us 20 minutes to reach at a cost of approx Rs.60. Thanks to the traffic.
Drying Bombay Bucks (Bombil)
We then boarded the Ferry to cross over to the other side,  the cost being Rs. 3 per person,  plus Rs.10 for two wheeler's. No four wheeler's are allowed. In a matter of 6 minutes we were on Madh jetty. The ferry operates at night too.  
Madh Fort from Killeshwar Temple
Now from here one can board two BEST buses,  nos are 269 and 271 to reach Madh Temple.  The cost of the tickets being Rs. 7 each. The rickshaws do not run as per the meter. Not sure if share a rickshaw option is available. As it was Holi,  the bus conductor advised us to close the windows,  else be drenched in water, from the water balloons. 
Madh Fort
In a matter of 10 minutes we were at Madh Church,  took some pics of Madh Church (Church of Our Lady of the Sea) and then headed back to Madh Temple.  As it was afternoon the church was closed at that point of time.  

We then returned back to Madh Temple,  from there followed the instructions provided by the locals to visit Killeshwar Temple,  from where we could sea the Madh Fort from the sea side. 
Drying Bombay Ducks
There are no food outlets near the Killeshwar Temple nor near the Madh Fort. So do carry food and water.  

The Madh Fort is under the control of the Air Force and hence under lock and key. It is open only when film shootings,  are held here.  A local confirmed that it been a long time,  the fort has been open to people. But if I wanted to get a glimpse of the fort from the inside then I should see the CID series that features on Sony TV,  as they keep coming here for shooting purposes. 
Fishing Boats in the sea
The fortification of the fort is intact.  Got some great pics here. The sky blue in color, with not a single cloud in it and sun shone on the waters. Fishing boats parked in the sea,  was a amazing sight to see.
Fishing Boats near the creek
There are locals staying outside the fort premises, outside their tiny shanties are cemented grounds which are used to dry fish. Bombay Ducks and Prawns are dried here in large nos. The air smelled of dry fish.  Have you had dry fish?  I have had and it is just amazing. 
From Madh Fort,  the coastal line which stretches from Versova to Khar is very clearly visible in a distance. So close but so far. 
Mumbai coastline from Madh Fort
Irrespective of getting baked in the sun, we got some wonderful pics. We decided to head back to Andheri,  we reached the main road and boarded the 271 bus to Madh Jetty and from there a rickshaw back to Andheri. 


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