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Jaora, The Beef Samosa Shop

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This shop is run by a Bori Muslim in Jaora. His specialty is that he makes amazing beef samosas and kebabs.  He bought this place to convert it into a hotel.  He informed us that he doesn’t stay here but conducts business here.

The shop was a storey tall. The windows were made of wood. The wood was darkened due to the smoke emitted from the burning of wood used in the cooking of the samosa’s.  Though he occupied only the front of it, he still let us inside to visit his shop. How nice of him.

It is a single storey structure, the windows and doors still intact. The top storey had wooden flooring. The walls are made of brick. Though the houses next to it have been re developed but this one stays intact. A rickety staircase leads to the top storey. We were trying to locate the stairway and we finally found it. But we didn’t go up as we were worried that it might give in with our weight.

This structure was rectangular in shape. It was dark inside so we were hoping not to crash into anything. In a distance we could see the light. A small 5mv watt bulb provided light.

We found a few porcelain pots in its premises. They have been there since decades.
Mohsin said that though he visits this place every time he comes here, he has never been inside it. Amazing find. 


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