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Chatrapathi Shivaji Museum in Aurangabad City

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If you want to know Chatrapathi Shivaji inside out then this is the place to see. This museum is located in Aurangabad City.

The museum has an entry fee of Rs. 5 and no photography is allowed.

The museum features Guns, Swords and Daggers used by either Shivaji or his men in that era.

It also features the coins in use in the era of Shivaji, Portuguese, Tipu Sultan, Bahamani Kings, Nizamshah and Adilshah.

Cannon are placed all over the museum, I like the two black cannon placed back to back which also had cannon balls placed next to them.

Armour used then by the soldiers is also on display. But there is no mention as to who wore it.

Museum also features the household articles used then. The articles were beautifully made of various metals and beautifully carved too. The hukah is what caught my eye, it was beautifully made and carved.

There is a photo collection of the forts of Shivaji all over the place.

Paithani Sarees worn by the women then is also up for display.

There is a beautiful painting of the Coronation of Shivaji Maharaj amongst the audience.

The seal used by Shivaji in his regime is also up for display.

The museum though not complete but it still features things in use in the era of Shivaji Maharaj. A must for a hardcore fan of Shivaji.


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