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Mahabat Makbara and Bahauddin Makbara in Junagadh in Gujarat

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mahabat Makbara and Bahauddin Makbara are located very near to the Sardar Patel Darwaza in Junagadh. It can be easily accesssed.
Bahauddin Makbara in Junagadh

Information on Bahauddin Makbara in Junagadh

First glimpse of these structures. They are truely beautiful. I have seen many tombs in the past , but these are nothing like them.
The tombs look like palaces. So beautiful that I couldn't stop myself from clicking their photos. Click the photo from any angle and it is beautiful.

Mahabat Makbara

Information on Mahabat Makbara

It the tombs are so beautiful, what will the palaces be like. I am speechless. Check out these photos.
A couple of bollywood movies are shot here.
Both the tombs were built in the 18th century.
A little bit of history about the tombs.

Inside Mahabat Makbara

Another view of Bahauddin Makbara

Artwork on Mahabat Makbara

Another photo of Mahabat Makbara

That's Me at Bahauddin Makbara in Junagadh

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