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Sardar Patel Darwaza in Junagadh in Gujarat

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Sardar Patel Darwaza is located very near to the Junagadh Railway Station.
Sardar Patel Darwaza in Junagadh

When we reached this place, it was currently under renovation. So we couldn't visit the structure from the inside. Scaffolding was placed all around the Darwaza. Maybe they were going to paint it or carry minor repairs works to the structure.

Sardar Patel Darwaza in Junagadh
The structure is beautiful. It look like a entrance to the city. If you observe, from the main door, one can see the Girnar Hills with the Girnar temple (in white) atop it. Good observation ha.

Atop the tower is placed a clock, though not in working condition even at this time the structure looked marvellous.

Sardar Patel Darwaza in Junagadh
The structure has a wall next to it. I was informed by one of the locals that this used to be the only way to enter the city a long time ago. Not sure how much of it is true.

Nail studded Darwaza of Sardar Patel Darwaza in Junagadh
It had a main door like most forts, the door was painted brown and had nails on it. Maybe they were used to stop the enemy elephants who tried to break the main door down in order to gain access to the city.

We then walked to Mahabat Makbara and Bahauddin Makbara located a couple of feet away from here. 

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