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Bus Trip to Junagadh fro Diu

Monday, September 18, 2017

After visiting all the places on our itinerary for Diu, we woke up around 530 AM the next morning as we had to travel to Junagadh but the 7 AM bus. 

There are very few options available for early morning breakfast near the Diu Bus Stand We had a cup of tea, and then waited near the bus stand for the bus to arrive.

The bus finally arrived around 7:15 AM. After haulting for around 5 minutes it then took off. 

We then stopped near the Diu -Gujarat border. The bus was checked by the police. They checked all the bags thoroughly as Gujarat is a no liquor state, carrying liquor is punishable crime.

As the journey was long,and we had nothing better to do, we dozed off. So most of our time was spent sleeping in the bus. Though were we sitting we still managed to get good sleep. I guess when one is tired, one can sleep in any position. 

I would not call it a nap, as we were sleeping for atleast three hours. We finally reached Junagadh bus stand. Now we had too immediate goals, one is to eat lunch as we had skipped breakfast and the second is to hunt for accommodation. 

We walked the streets, searching each hotel, starting from the ones near the Junagadh bus stand , moving to the ones near the Junagadh railway station. The tariff rates are very high here, compared to the ones in Diu. Not sure why so. We were not able to find any hotel within Rs. 1000 for two. 

Hunger strikes, we then decided to give up our search for a place to stay for the night and to eat lunch. We headed over to a small eatery near the Junagadh bus stand. 

Lunch was in the form of Veg Thali. The cost Rs.40 each. That is so cheap,compared to the Thali we have in Mumbai. 
As we were hungry, we decided to eat rather take photo of the good we eat. It was a unlimited thali, it comprised of roti, salad, two vegetables, chaas (buttermilk), dal and rice. All this just for Rs. 40, now isnt that a good deal. (this place was closed down when we left for Mumbai)

After having a good healthy meal, we then headed off on our search for accommodation. We got a place a few blocks away from the eatery. Hotel Ganesh. We finally settled for Rs. 1000 for two. As it was impossible to get anything within Rs.1000. 

We decided not to waste any time and hence decided to explore the places within the city premises.


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