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Bibi ki masjid in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh

Monday, February 13, 2017

Bibi ki Masjid is located in Monin Pura in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh.
Closed entrance to Bibi ki masjid in Burhanpur

Directions to it are tagged on Google maps.

The Masjid is currently closed and not accessible to public. We were disappointed once again. The first time at Kundi Bhandara,and the second at this place.
Another photo of Bibi ki masjid in Burhanpur
By the look of it, from the outside was quite a old structure.
Begum Ruquiyawife of King Azam Humayum built the first Jama Masjid in Itwara Burhanpur , it was also called as Bibi ki Masjid.

We then asked a couple of locals who informed us that certain portions of the Masjid are in need of repairs and hence it is kept closed. Repair work is being conducted inside. Also the local Muslims have asked for the Masjid to be kept open so that they can offer prayers. As this monument is under the ASI, they have been advised to offer prayers in Kali or Jama Masjid located close by.

The walls of Bibi ki masjid in Burhanpur
There are a couple of shops around so one can find food and water. Though we didn't go searching as we had our provisions.

We then headed off to see the tombs or Nadir shah and his brother Adil Shah of the Farooqi Dynasty, located a couple of KM away.


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