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Dahanu Fort in Dahanu near Bordi in Maharashtra

Monday, February 20, 2017

Dahanu Fort is located in Dahanu, it can be reached both by rail and road transport. One has to alight at Dahanu Railway station and from there board a shared rickshaw to reach the fort, or you travel by a private mode of transport. 
Entrance to Dahanu Fort 

Dahanu Fort is very small in size and can be done in 10 minutes time.The big bastion with a banyan tree growing on it was beautiful. There are two ways of entering the fort premises. 

We traveled to Dahanu Fort from Aswali Dam. 

Currently the fort houses government offices, but one can freely roam the fort premises. Thanks to the government offices, they have made us of the houses in the fort premises. It was another busy day for the government officials there. 
Banyan tree on the bastion of Dahanu Fort
I was informed by one of the ladies on the fort, that CID has got their office there. ACP Pradyuman from the famous tele-series, CID flashed in my mind. BTW if you wish to see it, it features on Sony TV. It is a hilarious series, I should say. 
The other entrance ot Dahanu Fort

There is a Maruti temple in the fort premises. Orange..
Handprint on the fort walls of Dahanu Fort
Maruti temple in Dahanu Fort premises
Across the fort I saw, hand prints in orange. Not sure what they meant or resemble. 
Hansel and Me at Dahanu Fort 
Beautiful waterbody
After exploring the fort, we headed via the Jawahar Dahanu Road to reach the Mumbai Ahmedabad highway. 
Banyan Tree
En route we stopped near Ashgad, there is a temple and dargah here. Saw a couple of boys somersaulting near the river bed. Took pics of this extraordinary tree and banyan tree. We then headed to Hotel Mini's to have lunch.
That me near the tree
Lunch at Hotel Mini's
Traveled by the Jawahar Dahanu Road, till we reached Mumbai Ahmedabad highway, then we raced on the highway. There was no traffic so we managed to reach Andheri by 5 PM. I was happy that we were not stuck in traffic near Hotel Fountain, like we did on the Gujarat Trip. 
Boys somersaulting in the waters
Bike journeys have always been tiring for me, luckily my back was not in pain. Not sure if my body is getting used to it or was the travel time on the bike which was lesser than the other bike trips.
Keeping the bike travel aside, I did have a good time on the trip. As this place is not very far from Mumbai, it can be done in a day's time. You should try...


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