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Indragad fort near Pali Karambeli in Gujarat (India)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Indragad is located in the village of Pali Karambeli, can be reached while travelling on the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway. Exit the highway and travel to Bamanpuja Cirle and then to Pali Karambeli.  

Bastions of Indragad fort

Direction on Google Maps

Please refer to  the route on google map, which I have attached so that you don't get lost. 

After crossing the railway line at we traveled on a narrow road, basically in the interiors of Gujarat to reach Bamanpuja Circle. 

Snacks enroute to Indragad

On route we stopped for some road side snacks. We had bhajiya and miniature vada. They were quite filling for a price of Rs. 50. 

We then traveled by the same road and stopped outside a small store. There is a road from here, that leads to the fort. We asked the locals and they informed us that it would take us around 30 minutes to reach the top. We parked out bikes there and then decided to visit the fort by foot. 

Make shift temple near Indragad Fort
Entrance to Indragad
A little ahead, a girl standing by the side of the road informed us about a muddy patch that leads to the top. She informed us that cars and bikes travel up the road. We turned around to walk to the bikes, I saw Horatious, on his bike. He was the fast.

It was a bit difficult to travel on the muddy road, the bike skid a couple of times till we reached the top. As we traveled by bike, we reduced the journey by 15 minutes. 

Stairway to reach the fort walls of Indragad

We parked the bikes near a make shift temple located outside one of the bastions of the fort. No idea as to who the temple is dedicated to, but it has a white flag stop it. 

From where we parked the bikes, the fort walls looked amazing. Raj the led us to the entrance of the fort. It can be reached after walking for around a minute.

Fortification of Indragad Fort

At the entrance we see a staircase leading up the wall. What better way to see the fort, then walking on the fort walls. We did the same. The fort very small in size. It is square shaped with bastions on each of the four ends. As the fort is atop the fort, it offers a wonderful view of the surrounding hills and valleys below.
The fort walls were broad enough for us to walk on them. There is also a extension on one of the sides of the fort. There are ruins of walls and water tanks in the fort premises. As it was densely populated with wild growth of trees, we decided not to venture in it. 

That's Me

I saw a snake escaping to safety on seeing me. It gave me an intimation that there are snakes here. It was a good decision not to walk in the fort premises. It had bumped into a snake , when I had visited Kille Pardi near Parnera Hill near Valsad. 

It took is around 20 minutes to see the entire fort. We then traveled by the same muddy stretch to reach the base. We had refreshments there. 

That's Us atop Indragad Fort
Note : There are no refreshments available on the fort premises, but in the base village. 
Panoramic View from Indragad Fort
I wanted to know about the Dhinsu fort in Phanse village. The locals told me , that the fort is in complete ruin, and it would be a waste of time if we headed there. The internet connection is so slow here, that even Edge doesn't load up. Lol. We are talking about 4G with VOLTE. Lol. 

Ruins within the fort premises

The time on my watch was 2 PM. Our options were to either head to Daman for lunch or head back to Mumbai. When Martina told me about the Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary in Dadra and Nagar Haveli. 

Ruins within the fort premises
Bastions of Indragad Fort

We traveled a little bit further, till we got a better internet signal. She immediately started her GPS and we managed to get directions to the Sanctuary. It was around 30 KM away from where we were. But we still decided to go visit it.


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